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Don’t be afraid of Blending Vegetables and Fruits

I think that one of the misconceptions we need to get rid of is believing that certain food taste will remain when blended with something else. For example, I will say this to anyone and they’d probably look at me with one of those blank, WTF are you crazy looks if I said, blend avocado with fruits and make a banana ice cream. Well, until you try it yourself, you won’t believe how it tastes!

My experiences with making Chocolate Ice Cream with Avocados:

The less sweet it is, the more we taste the avocado.

I added grapes to make it sweeter and it worked. Once it reached a certain sweetness, I wasn’t able to taste that avocado taste anymore. Even if I did, it was very brief and I barely even noticed it.

Yes, avocado on its own has a very strong taste, and you wouldn’t think it would go well with a banana, but until you’ve tried soft serve banana ice cream, you won’t even believe that was an avocado! I’m also talking about those who don’t really like the taste of avocados on their own. Once you blend it with a banana, all you really taste is sweet, yet rich ice cream texture. No avocado taste at all!

One thing that I want to make it clear is that sugary foods, particularly fruits is very overpowering and is dominate in our taste buds. Once we mix vegetables with fruits, chances are the vegetables will be lost int he crowd.

Honestly this was something I never really learned or believed until now, because I have this super awesome blender I use every day, I just continue blending more vegetables together with fruits and amazed by how much you don’t taste any of the vegetables.

If our mouth desires something sweet, then why don’t we feed ourselves a vegetable fruit smoothie, when it’s going to taste just as enjoyable (at least in my opinion, it is!) as a soda/soft drink?

The following are particularly good to be blended:

Kale, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers and avocados.

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