Wisdom Teeth are Such a Pain!

Wisdom teeth are those four annoying, pointless teeth that grows during early adulthood. They’re a pain, especially when inflamed. Sometimes, you get toothaches so bad that your face becomes double the size. (Maybe not the entire face, but at least your mouth!)

For those of you who hate going to the dentist like I do, I’ve developed a golden method of combating wisdom tooth pain:

Oral Mouthwash

Listerine Teeth and Gum Defense – Antiseptic Mouthwash with Fluoride

This may not work for everyone but has certainly helped me a great deal! In the past few years, I got wisdom pain on and off but once, that blazing evil pain was so severe that it turned my cheek puffy and large. Not only that, I actually needed to take pain killers. Around this time, I also got fluoride mouthwash for my sensitive teeth. Surprisingly, the mouthwash actually worked on my wisdom teeth pain! I thought it may have been just luck, but on the onset of my next bout of wisdom tooth pain, I used it again. It worked again! It almost made it go away instantly. Some of the bad ones last one or two days, but the pain is nowhere as severe!

Choosing not to pull out your Wisdom Teeth

If you choose not to pull out your wisdom teeth, be sure to take extra care of them. Otherwise, you will probably end up needing to visit the dentist anyway for a filling.

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