5 Foods to eat when you’re Feeling Sick

Remember those delicious soupy things our parents made us when we were sick as kids? I think the purpose of these is that they’re light and easy on the stomach and doesn’t overwork it. Here are a list of foods to eat when you’re ill.

Lotus Root Powder Soup

Lotus roots have many healing benefits for problems related to diarrhea, lungs and nosebleeds. It also increase your energy levels, enrich your blood and neutralise toxins. The perfect food to have when you’re ill, really! I remember this was THE FOOD I always had as a kid whenever I got ill, such as catching a cold. It was just soothing and delicious. Usually, you make it by combining lotus root powder with water and sugar, but since I don’t use sugar nowadays, I recommend adding with a bit of stevia, or grind it up with some longans.


This is usually made with a little bit of rice with a heck of a lot of water. We usually eat this instead of regular rice when we’re ill because again, something with more water and less oil or grease is much easier on the stomach.

Cream of Celery Soup

A delicious soup brilliant for when you’re ill, but be careful – little kids may not like the chunks of celery, so I recommend grinding it up so the celery is all mushed up!

Eight Treasure Porridge

A brilliant energy booster! This porridge has eight treasure, including: Red rice, glutinous rice, black bean, mung bean, red bean, barely, dried longans and lotus seeds. Of course, you can add more or substitute it with something else. Many people add peanuts too! This is usually a sweet rice, and is very comforting to eat when you’re feeling sick.

Black Sesame Soup

You may also call this sesame smoothie or even sesame gruel! It’s made by combining sesame paste or ground up sesame with water and sweeteners. I think it would be cool grinding it with some dried dates and mix it with water. Black sesames are great antioxidants, helps your bowels move and detoxifies your body and makes you have shiny skin and hair!

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