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6 Mosted Hated Vegetables and Tips on Preparing Them

Of all the vegetables, I think these five are the most difficult ones for people to enjoy, so here are my tips on how to prepare them in the best possible way.

Hate Vegetables


Broccoli can be added to smoothies with barley any taste. Another really great way to cook broccoli is with miso or soy sauce, as that really gives it some flavour. Broccoli should not be steamed or cooked until it’s too soft, as I’ve known people to dislike the taste that way. Broccoli tends to taste much better crunchy.

Bell Peppers/Capsicums

This is another one of those vegetables with a pretty strong taste. I recommend firstly starting with cutting very thin slices for a burger or marinating it with salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and such to enhance the flavours.

I also recommend red ones over green, as it seems to be sweeter.


This is another one of those really odd tasting vegetables that not everyone likes. I think sauteed celery with carrots, tofu and cilantro with a little soy sauce and sesame oil is very appealing, even for me who usually don’t like to eat celery.

You can also try putting celery in a smoothie, though it may change the taste a little.


I think cooking eggplants is an art. Prepared badly, it could taste like cardboard but done right, it’s the next bacon. I think eggplants like all other vegetables, need to be marinated with some kind of sauce because sometimes, flavours don’t get in that easily, resulting in a tasteless eggplant. The best way from experience is to bake them.


I think those can be very bitter, and the best time to eat them is probably winter as they seem to be sweeter then. I would recommend doing the same with bell peppers, marinating them in lots of spices and baking them. That usually takes away a lot of the bitterness.

Green Beans

My husband used to hate them, that’s because green beans are pretty hard to cook and often, flavours can’t get in. Green beans are best cooked with salt/soy sauce, sauteed until it’s pretty much soft and goes very well with mushrooms and garlic. Try it, it may even turn a green bean hater into a fan.

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