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5 Healthy Baking Ingredients hard to find in Stores

Unfortunately, often if you want to bake healthy, it can be difficult as many things are unavailable in the local supermarket. I’ve just bought 5 items yesterday on Amazon that I want to share the links to, and give you an insight to what they are.

Brown Rice Syrup

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Instead of using regular old sugar, try using brown rice syrup as a sweetener. It’s half as sweet as sugar, but has much more nutrients. It’s in liquid form and goes brilliantly in cakes and brownies.

Toasted Carob Powder

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Carobs are a tropical pod, much like cacao, that it’s brown and resembles chocolate. However in its natural state, it is less bitter and sweeter than regular cacao. However, it may not be as flavourful. Though, the biggest difference is that carobs have no caffeine, so if you have trouble getting to sleep, try using carob powder instead of cacao/cocoa powder.

Rice Bran

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Rice bran is that layer between the outer hull and inner white rice grain. It’s that thing people usually get rid of when milling white rice, but is a brilliant thing to add to bakery, such as a brownie. It’s also a nutrient powerhouse with heaps of minerals, minerals and vitamins.

Nutritional Yeast

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Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that’s grown on molasses. It goes food a “cheesy” flavour, so if you are making sauces or nut cheese, this is a great thing to add.

Malted Barley

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Malted barley is a brilliant replacement for other sweeteners such as sugar when you’re baking to feed your yeast. Also, you can try sweetening cacao butter with this. Malted barley is really barley that’s sprouted, dried, then ground into a flour.

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