Guide to my favourite Healthy Whole Grain Flours

As a crazy baker, I need flours. Yes, more flours makes me happy! Since I realised just how little nutrition white flours are, I’ve been stepping away from that and finding my way into the wonderful world of whole flours, and I want to share some of my favourite flours I like to bake with.

Oat Flour

Made from oats, it has wonderful amazing benefits of lowering cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart disease.

I love using oat flour to bake muffins and brownies. Sometimes, I even put in instant oatmeal and grind it up into a flour. I really think oat flour taste very similar to other flours, and it feels very soft. I recommend trying to use that for your next pancake or muffin.

Spelt Flour

Spelt is actually an ancient grain and it’s extremely nutritious. Having that will reduce risks of plaques in the heart, as well as boost heart health, and prevent gallstones.

Spelt flour taste amazing when baked, I tried making a chocolate cake with it and it turned out absolutely wonderful. I totally recommend buying plenty of spelt flour!

Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour is really the white flour before anything is lost, so it keeps the bran, germ and endosperm. There are lots more vitamins, minerals and protein in whole wheat flour than white.

You can bake anything with whole wheat flour as you would white flour, except do expect the food to taste slightly grainier, and harder. I really love using whole wheat pastry flour.

Buckwheat Flour

Made from buckwheat groats, buckwheat is also brilliant for your heart, and it even lower the risks of diabetes as it can control your blood sugar better. Other benefits is that it can help prevent gallstones and have plenty of antioxidants that does wonders for your body.

I love to use them with oat flour in muffins, I’ve also made raw desserts with buckwheat flour.

Brown Rice Four

Made from brown rice which contain about 60 percent of the nutrients, brown rice flour has plenty of fibre, nutrition and helps reduce cholesterol.

Try using brown rice flour to thicken sauces or make pancakes with them, but do be careful if you are using them to bake, as they can be different to flour made from wheat.

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