Plate of Frozen Green Grapes

5 New Delicious Healthy Snacks

I’ve been discovering more delicious healthy snacks since the last time I made a post. Here are five new snacks that I love eating!

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Julienne Sundried Tomatoes

You know how eating tomatoes just feel so watery and unfullfilling when you’re hungry? Well, let me say that eating sun dried tomatoes is heaps better. It feels chewy and almost sweet. It’s a whole new experience. I love to mix it in with cubes of cucumber to have the perfect experience. My favourite brand is the Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut

Homemade Healthy Ice Cream


What was I doing all my life without it? I can’t believe that I didn’t discover blending avocados with bananas or a bunch of other fruits would create a wonderful ice cream. My favourites are the banana pistachio and avocado ice cream, as well as the chocolate ice cream I made by combining grapes with avocados, cacao powder and such. I guarantee it will taste just like ice cream and you won’t taste any avocado (even if you do, it’s so small that it will not affect the taste at all!)

Frozen Grapes


(Photo By Erin Unanue Photography)

Eating frozen grapes is an excellent way to cool down in the hot summer. Not only that, they taste brilliant as well and almost remind you of a popsicle!

Nut Butter


My favourite is pure almond butter (no added sugar or anything else). It is DELICIOUS with a capital D! Nut butter can go very well with all types of things, like fruits and vegetables. All you really need is a big spoonful.

Homemade Desserts

This is the IT THING, my new favourite snack is my own homemade desserts, particularly chocolate flavour. The best thing is, it is HEALTHY and delicious! All it takes is blending of instant oats, cacao (cocoa) powder, dried or fresh fruit and nuts. You are going to be blown away by the results if you haven’t tasted it yet!

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