Ways to use Veggie or Fruit Pulp from Juicing

Even though they say that the pulp left from juicing is mostly the insoluble fiber, I still hate the idea of wasting it, so here are 5 ways to use the pulp.

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Crackers – You can use the pulp and make some delicious crackers for yourself! They will be full of fiber!

Make Bread– I was inspired after eating the pure bread from Dr.J’s Vibrant cafe, where they made bread with their leftover pulp from juicing, with brown rice flour and flaxseed meal. It was just such a brilliant idea that it was a genius, to use the pulp to make one of the purest breads on earth!

Make Broth/Stock or Soup – Add it in a soup, broth or stew and let it enhance the flavours!

Make Doggy Treats – If you own a dog, you may wish to use the pulp and make some snacks for your dog! I saw that on a website once and thought the idea was so clever!

Muffins and Cakes – Carrot cakes have carrots, so why not put some of that pulp in muffins and cakes? Since that’s somewhat similar to breads, it all works out brilliantly!

Meatball/Burger Patties – I’ve seen those burgers with plenty of small tiny bits of veggies, these would be perfect to add to them!

Feed it to your Garden – If you have one, that is. Gardens love these kinds of things that make brilliant compost.

The Healthy Family & Home’s Raw Vegan Carrot and Flax Crackers

(Click here for the recipe)

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to use pulp without throwing it out! Try out the recipe above for how to use the pulp in crackers!

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