5 Useful Cooking Tips

Miso to Replace Salt

Miso is a Japanese type of fermented soybean in the form of a paste, and this is a brilliant replacement for salt, as there are a lot of good nutrients found in miso.

The Garlic!

I noticed that peeled garlic you can buy at the supermarket tastes better roasted, and unpeeled garlic taste better sauteed. Now, I have no idea why that is, I’ve just noticed that most times, peeled garlic is a little bit sweet and sometimes I can even taste a bit of fermentation/alcohol. That just seem to go particularly well when you roast it with some olive oil in the oven, however whenever I fry them, I think they taste a bit too sweet. Meanwhile, garlic unpeeled often can be a bit bitter and doesn’t taste good roasted, but taste brilliant when fried.

Another important thing with garlic I learned is that garlic contains an active compound called Allicin, which gives garlic some amazing benefits. However, cooking usually destroys it. The way to keep as much of it as you ca is by chopping it into tiny mince and leaving it out for 30 minutes or so.

Non-stick Pots

I have a weakness with non-nonstick pots because I often can’t stand the black colour, but HECK DO THEY WORK! They’re brilliant for cooking porridge and rice, because for some reason, those buggers always tend to get stuck on the bottom. Sometimes, it even requires a whole week of leaving it in the sink and then scrubbing with a steel sponge before the burnt stuff comes off.

Shiitake Mushrooms

My aunt taught me this one. Dried shiitake mushrooms go very well with a lot of stir fry and vegetables, but the best way to cook them is to saute them lightly in a bit of oil for about 2 minutes until the fragrance from the mushrooms come out. If you’ve ever tried cooking it both ways, you will notice a big difference.

Stainless Steel Sponges

Stainless steel sponges are lifesavers. Whenever I have a pot full of blackness or a stove top with disgusting food scraps that won’t come off, the stainless steel sponge saves the day with its amazing strength! I remember once, I was using every other thing on the universe it seemed to remove something, and ONLY THIS SPONGE COULD DO THE JOB!

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