6 Flours you Didn’t Know About

Okay, perhaps you knew about them ages ago, but I didn’t, until recently. My reaction was like: OMFG THEY EXIT?

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour

Also known as Garbanzo bean flour, this is made from grinding up chickpeas. You can make pancakes with them, cookies, bread, crackers and such.

Millet Flour

Millet flour

Who would’ve thought that these tiny little millets can be made into flour! It seems that millet flour is popular with making bread. You can also try making cookies and pancakes out of those!

Sorghum Flour

Sorghum flour

Sorghum flour is made from sorghum, has lots of nutrients and is great for baking things like cakes, muffins, breads, pancakes and even cookies.

Arrowroot Flour

Arrowroot powder

Arrowroot flour is made from a tropical plant root and is used more as a thickener than anything else. ou can use it like you would corn starch.

Barley Flour

Barley flour

Remember that lovely barley soup? Well, now you can get barley flour as well! Made from ground up barley, this is brilliant for cookies, breads, muffins and other bakeries.

Amaranth Flour

Amaranth Flour

Amaranth Flour is actually gluten free, and has plenty of protein. It’s made from grinding the seeds of amaranth plant to a fine powder. It has lots of antioxidants and can be used for lots of different ways of baking.

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