5 Ways to Combat Anxiety Nausea!

Anxiety nausea is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety, which is the feeling of queasiness or the urge of vomit caused by nothing but fear itself. Anxiety nausea is caused by our system going into a fight or flight response once triggered by fear. Blood rushes away from the stomach and into our hands and legs, preparing us to fight or run in case of danger. Except, it has not realised that sometimes, we fear for no reason or that fear goes out of control. The reason why it causes nausea is because when the blood leaves the stomach, your stomach literally stops working. If you just ate a big meal, food will be left undigsted and acid will increase, causing discomfort and nausea. (That’s why sometimes anxiety nausea seems better when you haven’t eaten)

As a suffer of anxiety with heavy nausea symptoms, as well as being emetophobic, which means I’m petrified of throwing up, it can be pretty tough. However, over the years of handling this, I’ve developed some strategies, which may help you as well.

1. Take Ginger Tablet/Ginger Root

Ginger is a natural and safe herb, unlike antidepressants which may have side effects or become addictive, ginger is completely free of that. In fact, it’s a spice most people use to cook!

As soon as you feel nauseous, I suggest you take ginger roots in capsules or pill forms. In USA, you can buy Spring Valley Ginger Root 550mg in Walmart, or GNC Ginger Root. In Australia, there are ginger pill tablets for motion sickness. I’m sure you can get it in other countries as well in pharmacy/chemists. Stock them up and keep them with you at all times. I swear, ginger pills will be your lifesaver. It has helped me countless times, to the point where I feel as if it’s saved my life. Nothing in the world has come close to how much ginger has helped me during the horrible nauseous times.

Because raw ginger can be overpowering at times and not everyone can stand the taste, I don’t suggest you take that, in case the taste makes it even worse for you.

2. Massage Stomach Area

(Massage on the red spot!)

Sometimes, I feel that anxiety nausea is more than just an overly anxious mind, because not everyone in the world has it, despite that they’re nervous. I’ve seen people get really nervous but they don’t get nausea every two minutes, or after they randomly eat something cold. I often feel that perhaps the stomach doesn’t work as well, or blood flow isn’t going properly, which means as soon as we feel anxiety, it gets even worse. I recently started a routine of very heavy massages on the red area drawn above, to the point where I get a little bit of bruising and that it hurts a lot.

By massaging, you are helping the stomach by strengthening its muscles, as well as increasing blood flow. Also, when you feel the pain, be assured it’s nothing to worry about. When pain occurs with massaging, it’s usually because you’ve pressed away the bad stuff and now you’re healing!

The miraculous thing is, I truly sense a major improvement and since then, I haven’t had to take nearly as much ginger, not even at night. I used to require taking 2 a night, otherwise I couldn’t sleep. Now, I can manage just fine without the ginger and haven’t had a horrible anxiety attack since.

3. Splash Cold Water on your Face

As soon as your face touches cold water, you go into mammalian diving reflex, which means your heart rate slows down in order to try and maximise the amount of time we can stay under water. Notice that when we’re anxious, our hearts are usually beating very fast? This has helped me number of times when I just felt too panicked, I would get some cold water or ice and put it on my face, and immediately feel that my heart has slowed down. Once the heart slows, you may quickly notice that your other symptoms will improve too.


4. Relax, breathe and think Positive

I usually find this step the hardest because when you’re dealing with all these physical symptoms, it seems impossible to just forget about all the problems and think positive, but try and focus your thoughts on hopeful things. Think about what makes you happy and try to relax as much as you can. Breathe in, hold your breath for about 5-10 seconds, then breathe out heavily. If certain music calms you, then listen to it. Try and be by yourself while you relax, as usually other people being with you in a room could make you more anxious and set your anxiety off even further. However, if you find comfort when talking to someone, then go and do it!

5. Anti-nausea and other helpful Accupoints

There’s an accupoint called the Anti-vomiting point for people with nausea and motion sickness. It has worked with anxiety nausea as well, but requires you to push down on it for a while before you can feel it working. There are also wristbands you can buy which constantly puts pressure on this spot, which you can try if you don’t want to keep pressing your hands.



Green Smoothies can lower Anxiety Nausea

It’s interesting that when you think of anxiety nausea, you wouldn’t probably think that eating a healthy diet will help decrease the symptoms, but it will!

What you are doing to your body when you’re eating healthy?

You’re giving nourishment, giving your body what it needs. If you are starting your day with a giant green smoothie PACKED with vegetables (as much as you can fit in), then you’re getting what you really need without even needing to come up with cooking ideas later. (Be sure the fruits and veggies are organic though, as you don’t want to be eating raw food with pesticide and wax).

You may even find that foods like spinach can significantly increase your moods.

It’s interesting that even six months ago, I cannot even begin to imagine going to bed without taking ginger. I was too afraid to sleep.

Now, I can go to bed without even THINKING about it!

Six months ago, if I was to think about going out on a vacation on my own, I’d rather die because I simply couldn’t leave my own house easily. Now, the idea of venturing out, going to places, experiencing new and exciting things just makes me feel on top of the world. I don’t know why, but it’s as if my mind had a completely new makeover. I feel so much more positive, energised (if I had enough sleep, that is) and simply happier. I don’t feel the anxiety come to me randomly as often as it did before!

I think that eating a healthy, 80-90% vegan and 50% raw diet has really helped my body heal from all its problems in the past!

I recommend that to anyone who is experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and random bouts of nausea that don’t seem to want to go away. Try starting your day with a giant green smoothie. Pack it with half an apple, half an orange and lemon including the rind, berries, purple lettuce, Swiss chard, baby spinach (or regular is fine too), kale, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and endives (if you can find them). I guarantee the taste will not be bad, it will be really sweet and enjoyable, and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Sometimes, I wish I could’ve had this information when I was younger. It took so many years for me to get this far, and I hope this helps you too!

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