Tips for those who Struggle with Reading

I’ve always found reading to be quite difficult, and I think I’ve figured out why.

Whenever I read Wikipedia, I get this “ARGH I don’t understand any of that” feeling, but I never realize why until I looked at what made me not understands. Unknown words! I grew up with English being my second language and because I always lacked some skill in reading, I never read much.

The internet is also the blame for my lack of reading. I get too occupied with the internet and barely have a chance to read any books. This has lead me to the point where I feel as if I can’t read hard things without my mind spinning out of control. Whenever a word doesn’t make sense, I tend to feel as if nothing on that page makes sense. So, here are some of my tips for people who struggle with reading.

Advise for those Struggling with Reading

1) If you’re searching for an explanation on something, look for the “kids guide” or “idiot’s guide”, because they’re usually written in simpler language.

2) Break it down. I personally CANNOT STAND reading big blocks of text without any paragraphs. So, try and break it into paragraphs before you read. Your mind will feel suffocated if there are too many text.

3) Look for texts with some bolded parts, because I find those are so much easier to soak the information in.

4) Start learning new words. One of the biggest reasons why you may struggle with reading is one word stumps you and you simply can’t move forward. If you can take it slow, learn some new words, it will really benefit you!

5) Avoid Wikipedia if you are searching for easy explanations because words on Wikipedia are often very formal and scientific and may completely confuse you.

6) Give yourself 15 minutes to read each day. Even for a person with a hectic lifestyle, reading 15 minutes before bed probably isn’t that hard of a task. If you keep up the reading, you may just find that it has become much easier.

7) Read what you’re interested in! A way to improve reading isn’t by reading what you find boring or something you have no interest in, but read what you really love. Whether it’s stories or information, read something you have interest in.

8) If you seriously have trouble reading, perhaps you need to get some help. Dyslexia is a common problem that causes people not to be able to read well.

9) Read with someone. Often, it’s far more interesting and fun to read with another person, because you can often discuss the topic you’re reading about and talk about parts you had troubles understanding

10) Write more! I often feel that writing helps reading, because when you’re writing, you are thinking of sentence structures and words, sometimes it gets your mind thinking and often, you have to read what you write or do some research and find information and rewrite it. That will often help you grasp understanding of the context much better.

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