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8 Most Common Food Allergies

Are you suffering from food allergies without even realising? I’ve had heart palpitations on and off for a couple of years and I just realised it could be a reaction to peanuts, because it’s the third time now that after having peanuts, I felt as if my body went into shock while I was sleeping, and made me feel as if I was getting a heart attack while I was asleep.




Wheat (includes Gluten)




Tree Nuts

Allergy Information

What exactly is allergy?

Long story short, your immune system is all happily doing what they do and suddenly they see this FOREIGN SUBSTANCE. They think: WTF IS THIS EVIL SUBSTANCE?! C’MON FELLOW DUDES, WE MUST WIPE IT OUT OF EXISTENCE! ATTACK!!! And this is after you’ve eaten, say, a couple of peanuts. So, you get all these crazy reactions like itching, red bumps on the skin, eczema, swelling, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, watery eyes, asthma, lightheadedness, faintness, irregular heart beat and so on.

If you happen to get anaphylaxis, the most deadly type of allergic reaction, your body may go into shock and you could have severe breathing difficulties and get rapid or weak heartbeat.

Allergy Reaction Time Frame

1) Immediate – you get the reactions right after you eat the food.

2) Delayed/Late – You get it after hours or even days. Sometimes, it has taken people 24 hours or a couple of days after feeling anything. In rare cases, symptoms may even be delayed up to a week. Although it’s rare for people to get delayed anaphylaxis, that has happened to some people about 12 hours after, so don’t assume just because your reaction was delayed, you weren’t allergic. Sometimes, you can get delayed reaction called allergic asthma as well!

You can get Allergies at Any Age

Don’t assume that just because you weren’t allergic as a kid, you won’t be forever. It’s common for people to develop allergies after 30 even! Some people may be allergic, then it goes away for a while but returns again. (Drats, it came back!!)

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