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A Different Outlook on Worry

I was watching a video that a friend shared on Facebook and it really brought me a lot of insight!

HOW TO BREAK THE HABITS THAT HOLD YOU BACK: 3. Worry (3 of 6) California Community Church on Vimeo.

So all of us worry, some about our kids, others about our lives, or about our financial status, our parents, husbands and such. Perhaps our worries are so intense that they’re even keeping us awake at night. Are you one of them?

I sure am, I mean, I worry so much that I think my skin is crawling with worries. If I were to enter a competition on worry, I’d win it for sure!

But, one thing I learned from this video is that firstly, our worries are usually magnified from the actual situation and most often, what we worry about doesn’t always come true, or even if it does – it doesn’t turn out nearly as bad. The second thing, which really got me, was that it said that the outcome may not always work out the the way you want it to, but it’s what God believes is the best way.

So we have to have faith!

Even if the outcome is bad, we have to know and have faith, that it’s something that will help us in the long run, even if we can’t even see any reason now. This includes illnesses or running into bad situations. Have you ever looked back on a horrible situation, but realise that it has helped you grow? It has become a catalyst in changing parts of your life? Perhaps this is it! We need to have faith, that it will all be alright at the end.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that worrying about it is not going to stop the outcome.

Here are my 5 steps in easing Worry:

Think about what’s the worst could happen. If it’s not going to take your life, then anything is possible to be solved.

Have faith and believe in some kind of higher being. It may be anything you choose to believe in. God, Buddha, or any other beliefs. When you have something to believe, you will find hope even in the hardest times.

Understand that even the bad things happen sometimes for a good reason, because without the bad, we never truly understand just just how amazing good things are.

Keep telling yourself, even though it’s hard, that worrying will not make the situation go away, that it will always be there, but just imagine if everything worked out in the end, what about your lost sleep? What about the gray hair you developed? Those precious moments can never be taken back.

Try and catch the pattern. Sometimes if you just randomly get an intuition and start to worry, or become worried over something, remind yourself of all the other times when you had that, and nothing happened.

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