8 Tips for Better Baking

I wanted to make a post on all the things I’ve learned (since last time) about baking.

Tips for Better Baking:

If you want to bake cookies that are crunchy, you have to make sure the dough is very hard, has a fair amount of oil (that you can feel on your hand when you knead). If the dough is by any chance very runny, you will get cake, not cookies. (Or, you will get very soft and runny cookies)

It usually takes about 30 minutes on about 370F for bread to cook.

Yeast eats sugar! If you want to bake sweet bread, perhaps you should look into using baking soda and baking powder rather than yeast. If you are using yeast, you may even want to add the sweeteners AFTER the yeast has risen the dough.

If you want bread not to become hard, wrap it with foil.

Generally, you need about 2 and a half cups of flour for one cup of water.

Yeast seem to rise best in a warm environment, the easiest way to do that if you haven’t got sunlight is to turn the oven on for a brief moment, then open the lid and place the dough right on the lid.

If you want to make things crispy, the more water you drain out, the better. Also, the thinner it is, the easier it will become that. However, do be careful because sometimes when something is too thin, it tends to become burnt.

If you want a chewier and softer version, under bake it.

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