Brilliant Strategy to Cut down Salt

I made an article about ways to reduce salt intake a little while ago and I just discovered a new exciting thing which I must share:


I think your taste buds may sometimes confuse saltiness with sourness. In fact, when I usually eat avocados with rice, I need a giant lot of soy sauce. Yesterday, I decided to try eating avocados with a little lemon juice and pepper, but decreasing the amount of soy sauce, and it worked!

I only needed a small drizzle and it was enough to satisfy me!

So if you are cooking soup, salads or anything that you usually want salty, add a little lemon juice. You may taste that it’s “salty”, even though it’s more sour.

Other Good Methods:

Include foods that are a bit sweet, such as sweet potatoes, onions and corn. If the food is a little sweet, salty and sour, you won’t need “that much salt”.

Yesterday as the first time I ever made a giant pot of soup and only put 1/4 teaspoon of salt, which has never happened. But when I tried it, I simply didn’t feel that it needed more because it had so many other flavours, such as the lemon juice, sweetness from foods and all the spices I put.

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