How I Get My Creative Juices Flowing

As a blogger and web designer, I often need a lot of inspiration and motivation. Now, I will share my secret on exactly how I get my creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, all it takes is ONE VISION.

That’s right, a vision of the complete product. Whatever it may be, a music video, a recipe, a page, an idea, a website. I envision what the finished product looks like. I do this often when I make music videos, is I hear a song and I just see the music video going along with it.

Then, I let that vision guide me in what I need to do.

More than once, I’ve had a certain vision for a website and I was able to work hard on it and guess what? 99% of the time, the finished product actually looked exactly like what my vision had. That just shows how powerful this vision is!

Of course, having a vision about the finished product also means you must have the skills to do so, because let’s say if you have a vision on what you want a website to look like but have no knowledge in web design or Photoshop, then it will be a bit troublesome.

However, if you know you have the skills, just imagine it. Let your mind see what it looks like, and you’ll find that it’s so much easier to work towards that goal!

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