You have a Major Influence on People

Today, I want to remind you something. What you do and say have a major influence on people, perhaps without you even noticing.

Your influence on their decision may even be as simple as “should I go left or right”.

Think about it, have you ever had a situation where a friend or family member came to you confused and didn’t seem to know what decision to make, and you talk about it, and suddenly they’re convinced? You may just be a catalyst in changing someone’s life! Your words – the things you say, do have a powerful influence on people. It’s your choice whether you say something that makes someone feel brilliant, amazing, empowered and confident, or you may say something that does the total opposite.

You may be able to lead someone into the right path, such as guide them into caring for their own health, by simply convincing them that they should do something about it!

This is a reminder to everyone, that we should never assume that we’re one person who is too small to make a difference int he world. When you make a difference to one person, you are making a difference in the world! Perhaps your influence will even spread!

4 Things to think about with our own words or actions

1. Does it Empower them?

I really stress this, because I believe everyone should feel that they are strong enough to handle a situation. Remember those moments when you felt weak and that you needed help? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came along and told us that WE COULD DO IT! Perhaps our own fears can get the better of us, but

2. Does it help them make a good decision?

Say if they’re confused over what they want for dinner, and asks you for an opinion. You can either guide them into ordering a triple whopper at Burger King, or perhaps even a homemade green smoothie! You can often do that without forcing, but just suggesting. Think about the difference it would make, if people had a green smoothie packed with healthy veggies and fruits, rather than a greasy burger that takes 6 hours or more to work off with constant exercise.

3. Does it make them feel good?

Another thing that is important is saying things that makes people feel good about themselves. So that means, words of encouragement and praise. That doesn’t mean you should avoid critiques and such, but do it in a way that the person can take it in and let it help them improve, rather than feel as if they can’t do anything and is crap at it. Everyone deals with it differently, some may want to prove you wrong, others may simply give up.

4. Does it help them realise possible mistakes they’re making

Sometimes, I admit it is very hard to bring up possible mistakes people are making, and unless someone truly wants to change, it can be particularly hard to convince them. I guess that most people who charge forward without a fear of what they’re doing to their own health, bodies or mind doesn’t truly understand the meaning of fear, and often it takes a drastic event to change that person’s view, such as suddenly getting ill and come close to dying.

However, perhaps we can help them realise that they shouldn’t wait until that happens before doing anything about it.

One thing I always stress is, when you want to make an influence on people, hold onto your beliefs firmly! If you believe that exercises and eating mostly a vegetarian diet is healthy, then keep onto them! There will always be skeptics and people who won’t take a word, but as long as you believe in it and keep spreading your message, you will get through some people!

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