Language Barrier Craze: Need to Go for a Convenience…

There was an European man who just started learning Chinese not long ago. He arrived in China and a group of friends invited him to dinner.

He sat down at the restaurant, and the Chinese friend said:

“I’m sorry, I need to go for a fang bian (toilet, literal meaning – convenience).”

The man didn’t understand, so the Chinese guys explained that “Fang bian” means to go to the toilet. (The word also means convenient/convenience.)

Hmm, yes! He got it.

During the meal, another Chinese friend said to him: “I hope when I visit America next time, you can help provide me some toilets convenience.

The man was stumped and thought: He’s coming to America, why does he want me to provide him with toilets?

As they were leaving, another friend said to him. “I’d like to invite you to dinner when you’re shitting on the toilet convenient.

Now, the man’s about to lose his mind. The Chinese friend continued: “If you’re not shitting on the toilet convenient recently, we can change a date.”

The man had no words to say…

“… Let’s find a time when you and I are both shitting on the toilet convenient so we could have a meal together.”

The man was originally going to faint, but…

The Chinese man saw him being all stumped and assumed he was just being polite, so he said:

“No problems. We can just pick out some shit something convienent and eat it…”

At this point, the poor confused man really did faint. Then, he got up and cried: “I really don’t need to go to the bathroom anymore. I’m not going!”

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