Soul Invigorating Herbal Red Wine

Red Wine

We’ve all read that a small amount of red wine each day is good for the heart, but did you know you can put some amazing herbs that has a better effect? Not only is that great for the heart, it’s also invigorating.

The Main Ingredients

Mote: You will need to go to an Asian herbal shop to buy them, you’ll most likely find it in China Town or Asian Grocery Stores. If you can’t find it, try online.

5 litres of red wine (approx 6-7 bottles)

Use any red wine which you like. Remember, this batch of wine is meant to be taken over a period of time, particularly in summer when it goes off easily, it’s best for you to half the amount.



Dried red dates (40 or more)

Red dates can replenish and tonify blood, improve insomnia symptoms, promote immunity, protect the liver and perhaps even prevent cancer.



100g Du zhong (Eucommia Bark/cortex Eucommiae)

Du Zhong’s main function is to tonify the kidney and liver, which also strengthens the bones and sinews. It can help symptoms of back pain, broken bones, cold hands and feet, intolerance to cold, as well as improve urination.



100g Lingzhi (Reishi mushroom)

Reishi mushrooms are know for their anti-allergy, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It can improve skin tone, reduce acne, age spots and reverse heart disease by lowering cholesterol, enhancing liver functions, metabolism and immunity, revitalise cells through purifying the blood, enhancing blood cells’ elasticity and dissolving blood clots.


How to make the Herbal Wine

Wash all the herbs and dry them completely.

Use a five litre(ish) water filter and take the filter out. Wash, then dry. You can use this without a filter if you’d like, simply put it in a large container.

Put all the ingredents, then the red wine (5 litres) in.

Wait for about a week before you start drinking.

Have about one small glass or 1/3 of a large glass each day.

Filling wine glass

Fill the container with more red wine when the level has gone down and change herbs about every 4-5 months.

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