Tanning Lotions for the Perfect Tanned Look

It’s the age of social media and we’re on show more than ever before. It’s important that we look good all the time and that’s why we’re getting more complicated beauty regimes centred around our hair, body and skin. Tanning has become a daily ritual for a lot of people, making sure we’re picture ready whenever we need to be.

Tanning provides people with the confidence of a healthy glow. It adds to everything, be it our clothes, hair or accessories and it just gives an overall good feeling. UV rays and tanning causes the production of vitamin D. This has many uses in the body and has been proven to be effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and warding off some major diseases.

To achieve the perfect tan there’s a number of places we might turn. Sunbathing is the obvious choice and while it’s something we all enjoy on holiday it isn’t something we can do on a daily basis at home. Instead we all opt for the next best thing, sun beds.

Indoor tanning is so popular because of the convenience and how well it works. With directed UV lighting your body is able to work with the melanin in your skin to achieve a darker skin colour that looks even and consistent. To get the best results you’ll want to look for an accelerant. Whether you’re new to tanning or a regular, tanning lotion is something you’ll want to start using.

Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion refers to a range of products which have been designed to give you that perfect tanned look. They work in conjunction with indoor tanning booths to give you the best possible results. There are currently a number of different types of tanning lotion to choose from, this includes:

● Bronzers

If you’re looking for the quickest results and biggest impact then you’ll want to use a bronzer. Bronzers contain a lotion that effectively colours the skin and it happens almost instantly. There are a variety of levels of bronzer so make sure you check the bottle so you get the right one for you.

● Maximiser and Intensifiers

Designed for anyone who wants a darker tan, maximisers are used to get a darker, richer colouring that can’t be achieved just by tanning. These are most suitable for those who are regulars on the sunbeds.

● Accelerators

These lotions are specifically for those trying to achieve a base tan. They typically contain moisturisers to help keep your skin fresh and healthy. This is important because tanning can dry out your skin. Healthy, hydrated skin tans more readily so it’ll allow you to tan more quickly, hence the name.

Each type of tanning lotion has unique features to add to your tanning. Despite their differences they all work in roughly the same way, they encourage the production of melanin in your skin. This pigment is responsible for the colour of your skin and the more densely populated an area is the darker the colouring is. By encouraging the production of melanin the tanning lotions allow you to have darker and more bronzed skin.

Tanning lotion used to stain the skin and any clothing that touched it. Recently the formula has been entirely changed and that’s no longer the case, instead they’re proving to be effective at enhancing your tan and getting the look you want.

Choosing the Best Tanning Lotion

There are a number of choices when it comes to indoor tanning lotions. It’s worth exploring the options and trying to find one with added hydrating and soothing qualities for your skin. For the best results check out our complete list of the best lotions for indoor tanning.

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