Wide eyes open

Techniques that Might help you Get Back to Sleep

Some mornings I wake up and seem to find it difficult to go back to sleep while others seems much easier. Though I have no idea why, I have come to develop a few strategies to cope with it.

Eyes Wide Open

When you wake up in the morning and feel as if you can’t fall asleep, try and OPEN YOUR EYES for as long as you can.

Sit up a bit, don’t get out of bed or do anything, but just keep your eyes open. It seems that when you’re tired and needing more sleep, opening your eyes is hard work and you may soon discover that you’re too tired to keep them open. Around this stage, still try and keep them open. What we’re trying to achieve here is making you feel as tired as you can be so you can sleep easier. I find that when your mind is very tired, you can sleep easier. That’s why sometimes it also works if you get up and do something. However, I recommend this more because often when you do things, you may get carried away with it and not want to go back to bed.

Go to the Bathroom

No matter how much you don’t want to get up, or feel as if you don’t need to, go! For me, wanting to go even a little can keep me awake.

Use your Imagination

Sometimes, I like to imagine crazy things that seem to be calming to the mind, such as snow storms, igloos, cold and dark night outside, particularly when the scenery is animated. This may be just me, but imagining that kind of feels nice and calming because I know I’m in a safe environment.

Think about Resting

This works sometimes and may not others. Something you can think about is, “I just need to rest in bed. There’s no need to sleep! I will relax and think happy thoughts…” You may find that you drift off without knowing. I think the calmer your mind is (the little stress or excitement it feels), the easier you can get back to sleep. Sometimes, even convincing yourself that you don’t NEED to get back to sleep is the mere thing that helps you get to sleep again.

Whatever sleeping troubles may be causing you problems, I hope that you find a strategy that works for you and can get back to sleep! Good luck.

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