The Juice behind Juicing vs Blending and Which is Healthier?

I bet the “which is healthier” will capture people’s attention. In fact, I believe both are extremely healthy in their different ways.

What is Blending?

Blending is like, throwing the entire thing in and it comes out wet pulp! Blending fruits and veggies make it much thicker because you have the whole food in there, including the fibres. However, the good news is because the blender has done most of the “chewing” for you, it is easier to digest than just eating the food on its own.

The fibre is very beneficial in sweeping toxins out of the body.

Blended fruits and vegetables balances blood sugar because it’s not absorbed as fast. So, you can put a little more fruits than you would a juice and be fine.

Blended fruits and vegetables (smoothies) will help you stay full longer, as there’s work to be done by the body. It can even be used as breakfast, because you can easily add fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and such, and make a full meal out of it.

What is Juicing?

Juicing is throwing vegetables and/or fruits into this large machine and it does its miracle work and what gets pumped out is essentially, erm, juice! Or I should say, thin liquid like water. That’s because juicing removes all the fibre in the food and vegetables and leaves only the liquid parts. However, freshly squeezed juice are so full of nutrients and vitamins, that drinking a wonderful green juice can just fill you up with all the wonderful minerals and vitamins your body needs without it doing much digestion, such fibre has been removed, and that’s what the body works hard to digest and break down.

Juicing is best for vegetables, as that doesn’t contain so much sugar. Because fruit juices have a lot of sugar and it gets absorbed into your bloodstream so fast, it will probably cause a spike in blood sugar, which usually doesn’t happen as much if you’re eating the whole fruit, as it takes longer time for the fibre to be digested.

Usually, there are more vitamins and minerals from juices (particularly a green one) because you need to add so much more vegetables to churn out a cup of juice. This may also be a disadvantage to some, as it will certainly cost more to buy, but just think of the wonders you’ll do to your body.

Juicing is also brilliant for those with digestive disorders or those who are ill. It gives your body a great break from doing the hard work!

Which one is Healthier?

I honestly don’t think one is healthier than the other, they are both great and in different ways.

I personally like to blend fruits and vegetables because I am a pauper and right now so it’s hard to afford that amount of vegetables per week, and the idea of throwing away good fibre left from juicing just makes me sad because I hate to waste food.

I usually wake up with a lemon water and then I get straight into the smoothies. I don’t really add any diary, sweeteners or anything else, in fact I try and add more veggies than fruits, and find that it still tastes amazing because even a little bit of fruit overpowers the taste of the vegetables and you do not notice the kale, spinach or even cucumbers in there!

Finally, I want to share this Infographic

This is from KrisCarr and it really explains juicing and blending brilliantly!

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