10 Mistakes to avoid making in the Kitchen

Let me share some of the crazy mistakes I’ve made in the kitchen so that hopefully it helps you not to make the same mistakes as I did.


1) Thinking that adding yeast with boiling water will speed up the process. It actually kills it, and therefore your dough may not rise at all.

2) Putting corn starch directly in boiling water when you’re cooking. Well, let’s just say it kind of CLUMPS TOGETHER and becomes like goo, and doesn’t get the desired result at all! Always soak it in cold water before you add it!

3) Not putting the lid properly on salt, paprika, red chilli pepper flake bottles (or any other spices, really) and oops, when you try pouring some in your food, the entire thing comes out. You may be spending the next 20 minutes getting rid of 500g of salt in your pot, and it ain’t easy, nor does it taste good.

4) Putting sauces in odd locations like that can fall easily, because they will drop and the sauce will fly everywhere. It won’t be pleasant if the sauce was oil (it’s slippery), takes ages to clean and worst of all, broken glass is all over the kitchen and can easily go into your feet. I LOST MY PRECIOUS SESAME OIL because of this!!

5) Leaving things in the oven or pan and forgetting all about it, like this: Throws in a pizza. 4 hours later, takes out a pile of black thing. If you feel that remembering is difficult, get yourself a timer!


6) Leaving things on top of the toaster oven. Believe me, the plastic will melt!

7) Forgetting to clean the kitchen stove until it’s late and all the food dries and clumps together. By that time, not even wool steel can save you!

8) Leaving your rice scooper inside the rice bag once you finish the packet. You’d probably throw it out by accident. (That was such a good scooper, too!)

9) Taking apart the ring that keeps all the measuring cups together. BELIEVE ME, once they go their separate ways, they WILL GET LOST!

10) Forgetting to turn off the oven or stove AFTER you finish preparing your food. Sometimes, you may be lucky and smell something but other times, you may not even realise until the next day, which can be extremely dangerous!

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