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Why I Chose to Eat Healthy on Vacation

“Health is happiness.”

I think unless you’ve truly been through something that makes you fear eating unhealthy, and that it may put yourself at risk, you probably won’t understand. Most people will probably say, it’s a vacation so you should eat whatever you want.

Perhaps sometimes, fear is really a great driving force to keep us eating healthy. I fear about my heart palpitations all the time, I know that it was a lot worse when I ate unhealthy, so in a way, I feel that eating healthy is a life saver, so that’s why I would NEVER put myself at risk. I guess those who has never experienced something they felt may threaten their life, they wouldn’t be as scared as I am, but I really have grown to fear unhealthy food, to the point where if I ate it, I would feel as if I’m gonna “die” or something!

Well, let me ask: What if, you could eat whatever you want, and that it was healthy and delicious? I think people still has the misconception that vegan food simply doesn’t taste as good. This is not the case! I tasted probably the best garlic bread ever, and it had NO BUTTER. That proves that food can be just as good vegan. Raw food can taste amazing too, if you prepare it properly!

That’s why I loved vegan, organic cafes so much. The food there is usually very health oriented, but it’s like, these cafes spend their entire existence figuring out how to make veggies and fruits taste good, so their vegan dishes are always very tasty. At least from my experience, every single vegan cafe I went to had brilliant, tasty food.

I think that when you’re immersed in an environment like that, you kind of have no option but to eat healthy, and that’s one of the best feelings ever. I enjoyed feeling like I didn’t have to look long and hard to find something healthier.

Instead of regular smoothies, I drank juice instead. I usually can’t make juices at home because I have no juicer, but I find juices are just as good. There are juice bars everywhere in the city and that’s always great because you can easily get a green juice.

I think many people believe that a green juice must taste horrible because it has vegetables in it. My juicing experience is that it does not taste bad, even the ones with celery taste amazing. If you really can’t stand bland juices, try one with some apple in it. It’s crazy but by the end of the trip, I got a juice with nothing but vegetables and still appreciated the taste. I think your taste buds really do change and adapt.

I never believe that we should put our health on risk just because we’re on vacation. I don’t want to feel guilty afterwards, or feel as if I need to work it all off. I enjoy feeling good about myself, and encourage all of you to do the same.

How to find Healthy Cafes

Just type in google the location you’re going, and “organic vegan cafe” afterwards or before. There should be listings that show the closest restaurants and cafes. That’s how I managed to find a lot of them.

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