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Why you need that Extra Hour or Three of Sleep


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(For those who are getting 6 hours or less)

Yesterday, I really got an insight to just how much I needed SLEEP! And if I’m like this, I bet others are the same.

Firstly, have you ever felt really ANGRY when someone interrupts your sleep? Whether it’s your noisy neighbours doing you-know-what at 4am in the morning and waking you up (100% true, happened to me) or someone coming in your room in the morning. You just felt annoyed or angry… That’s because our body recognises sleep as something important and doesn’t want you to be near people/things that may cause you harm, and that is to be deprived of sleep!

But anyway, I am saying, that most times if we get 6 hours or less of sleep, we seriously need more. Why?

From my experience, you can literally perform 3x better with 2 times less the amount of time, with less stress, less moodiness and more creativity if you have more sleep!

Let’s just use yesterday as an example. I went to bed around 1am, woke up at around 9:20am. Usually, I would wake up at 7:30 and can’t get back to sleep, but yesterday I just was, for some reason. Perhaps there wasn’t enough on my mind to keep me awake, or I really needed more sleep. Whatever it was, I got a full 8 hours of sleep.

Firstly, I had absolutely no problems with coming up with ideas on what to cook (or even write about). Sometimes, I would wake up at 7am, with 3 hours extra time, but spend the entire day stressing because I couldn’t think of what to write, or cook. I was too tired to do anything, and the result usually is something that I would not be very happy with.

Not only that, I would constantly be agitated and find the smallest things as “huge stress”, as well as just being annoyed at small things that felt like huge things to me.

So remember this: If you sleep for an extra hour, you are likely to do better than if you had given yourself 3 extra hours in the morning (but not had enough sleep). So instead of thinking that you need to get up to do this and that, just think that sleeping is going to get you to do even better, so there will be no getting up until later!

(Or, you can always just go to bed a little early).

What if you are too excited or worried? That’s unfortunately the number one culprit to keeping me awake in the morning. I think you really need to give yourself time to let excitement cool off, as major excitement is usually anticipating something, or you’ve just created or got something spanking new and you’re way too excited. This happened to me after I created my website, I was just too excited to sleep, and wanted to update it 24/7.

If you are worried, it’s usually for a reason – and I would recommend you try to deal with the worry first, because once the worry is being dealt with, you will find that it will leave your mind.

Whatever it is, don’t underestimate that extra hour of sleep!

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