Man with a bandage on his face. A scene from Chinese Paladin.
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10 Random Tips to avoid Injuries

Believe me, you’ve got better things to do than be mummified with bandages or spend a week not being able to type properly because your finger is blue and purple. From personal experience, here are some tips to avoid injuries.


(Image from Chinese Paladin 3)

1) If you’re climbing up or down a flight of stairs, watch your step! You can easily miss three steps and fall down. Although you’re mostly like to get a sprain, it’s still very unpleasant. Realise it’s much easier than you think to miss steps, particularly if you’re carrying something heavy.

2) If you’re microwaving a plate with what looks like metal (believe me, they actually do exist), use oven gloves because your fingers will get burned!

3) If you’re trying to get to work fast and you’re running and trying to climb over something, stop running and do it slowly. If you break your bones, not only will you not get to work on time,

4) If you’re cutting things with a knife, particularly things like sweet potatoes or pineapples, do not ever cut towards your finger. If you do that, you may very well cut a layer of your nail off, and it takes weeks to heal. You should always cut towards the other side.

5) If you accidentally spilled oil on the ground, be sure to clean it up very carefully with a lot of soap a few times, because oil is slippery, much worse than tripping on a banana skin (which I still haven’t seen that happen before!)

6) If you’re trying to ride a bike, be sure never to wear stockings or things that can get caught in the wheels, because if it happens, you’ll go flying down and possibly injure your arms or legs.

7) If you’re trying to fix your pencil case and there’s this hard wire that you’re trying to move around with your hands, don’t use your fingers to attempt to bring it back into position because it can go right into your nails. (If you were like me and had a piano exam the next week, you’re going to have serious problems!)

8) If you’re walking on the treadmill and it’s running at full speed and suddenly you get off in a rush for some reason without actually realising that you’ve never turned off the treadmill, be sure to always check before you get on to see if it’s moving. If the treadmill is running at 4 mph and you’re climbing on thinking it’s not moving, you WILL fall and injure your feet and knees. I did that once, got on a moving treadmill and it scraped my knees pretty bad.

9) Don’t stand too close to people who are playing cricket, unless you have some kind of face protector, because the ball can easily go flying towards your face.

10) If for some reason you are on the roof, do not stand close to the edge, especially when people are likely to talk to you. You can easily be distracted, lose balance and fall, and if you’re older – this can be fatal.

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