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How to Stay Safe in LA

LA is a wonderful place, but that doesn’t mean it’s all safe. Here are some safety tips on getting around LA!

First and MOST important thing: Trust your instincts, intuitions and fear. You are given them for a good reason – to help you stay safe. If you get a gut feeling telling you something feels off, trust it and do what you can to avoid it. This is the most

important thing that will keep you safe!

Don’t go walking on the streets until at least after 10am.

Do not bring all your important valuables, money, cards, and jewellery in your bag, thinking it’s the safest. Someone could just snatch it, you’d be better off leaving a lot of the stuff in the hotel.

Do not give them ANY eye contact. If you do, it shows that you’re interested and they are likely to take what they’re doing a step further.

Simply walk as fast as you can ahead without looking at them at all.

Do not respond to people who are acting suspicious.

Try and be aware of who’s behind and in front of you. Try and keep a certain distance between anyone.

Do not wear expensive jewellery or show that there’s valuables in your purse, bag or pocketbook.

Try and be where there are more people.

Don’t go into a dark place like tunnels and such.

There will be quite a few beggars saying they’re homeless and need money, I simply shrugged and said I really didn’t have anything (which was true).

Take note on when shops open because as they do, more people appear on the streets and it becomes a lot safer.

Avoid going out late at night for the same reasons.

If you see a crazy person yelling, screaming or cursing, try and move away as fast as you can, and not provoke the person.

They’re probably not angry at you (but at the entire world), but will do anything to let the anger out.

If you’re going to Hollywood, do know that people there are very aggressive with asking for tips, so if you don’t want to feel pressured, try not to take photos with them or take their things.

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