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Do Anxiety Free Program Really Work?

There are a lot of anxiety relief programs on the internet. For example, there’s the Linden Method, Anxiety Free Forever and the Anxiety Free Child Program. I’m sure that lots of people would want to know more about them before buying, so I will give as much details I can about it.

(Wouldn’t we all love to be anxiety free? I know I would!)

The Bottom Line:

I feel that these programs really give a good insight to what anxiety is, it offers some strategies that can really help and information that you probably would never have known, but to actually get rid of it forever is not as easy. Anxiety, from my experience, will always be there no matter what you do. Short of just removing fear completely, it is very difficult to stop anxiety from coming. However, you can find ways and methods (herbs, strategies or pinpoint what causes it) to relieve the symptoms so that it’s much easier to live with.

To actually remove anxiety, sometimes you have to look into the root of your fears or phobias. My anxiety, though is caused by stressful situation, but a big trigger is Emetophobia, which I feel that to get rid of my anxiety, I must deal with Emetophobia first. Everyone is different in what they fear, so a big important thing we should do is look for what causes our anxiety.

Anxiety free programs are useful in giving information and strategies, but is not a miracle that can “cure” you overnight, so don’t buy it expecting it to. It also takes a lot of work on your side to make it work.

My experiences with the Linden Method

What was in the Program

There’s a big booklet (manual) with information about anxiety, the causes, the author’s personal story and strategies to overcome it.

There’s a series of audio files that go with the manual, with visualisation techniques that aims to helps you feel calm.

There are a few videos that also help you understand anxiety better.

What I thought of the Program

I bought the Linden Method a few years ago and it has really helped me understand why I get anxious, and it explains a lot of interesting points about OCD being a severe form of anxiety. There are methods in here that helped me, such as splashing cold water on the face, which was something I had never thought of. However, it hasn’t “gotten rid” of anxiety. I still get it, and I still go through periods where I find it difficult, but through reading that program and discovering other herbs that worked for me, I’m able to at let anxiety not ruin my life like it used to.

(In the past, I’ve gotten so anxious I had troubles eating, sleeping, going out of the house, or anything else you can imagine.)

I didn’t find the relaxation strategies as useful because my anxiety is based on nausea, a physical symptom that throws me into chaos and I get too much bad feelings in my stomach to really focus on calming down or meditating, and believe me, I have tried to breathe well or listen to something calm, but they don’t work because my nausea is too strong. However, even though the actual strategies didn’t work as well, they made me feel better about it, and help me understand that I wasn’t the only one in the world.

I guess that’s what I liked most, is that I felt that I shared something with the author, and he knows what I was going through.

To finish off, I will say once again that sometimes, you don’t have to look to get rid of anxiety completely, because the high expectation may lead to frustration, anger and hopelessness if you find that it doesn’t happen. I used to always be angry that I couldn’t get rid of anxiety, it would come back again and again when I thought it just left. I spent all this time feeling like it was completely hopeless to get rid of it, when I could’ve been trying to develop strategies to cope with it.

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