5 Kitchen Appliances that will give you Nightmares

If you’re not careful, these appliances will come in your dreams and wreck havoc!

Farberware Can Openers

I don’t remember if this was cheap or expensive but it gave me nightmares trying to open cans because it just didn’t work properly. I would rotate the handle around the can and nothing happened, the can is only 10% opened, so I end up spending more time punching holes through every part of the can and finally opening it in the end. I’ve never had so much troubles with a can opener and will tell you that they will give you more than a headache for sure, your hands will be so red and sore afterwards that you’d never want to buy canned food again!

Wooden Pastry Brushes

If you love brushing your food with oil or spices, get a silicone one. The wooden ones rot away so easily if it’s in contact with any water. I remember once I had a beautiful, stunning looking wooden rush and left it in the kitchen for a while. I don’t even know what happened to it but when I went back to use it, it was mouldy, black and hard.

Plastic Measuring Cups

So I bought a set a while ago and was trying to pull the white plastic bit off that was holding the cups in place. I was pulling it without a lot of force and guess what happened? THE CUP HANDLE FELL OFF! My advise is – do not buy plastic ones because they break way too easily. Buy metal ones instead, they last longer!

Bed Bath and Beyond Teacups

(This wasn’t the exact teacup but I couldn’t find an actual picture!)

I was happily using my beautiful small white teacup and suddenly, the darn handle broke without me dropping it or doing anything to it. I think it’s much better to just buy a big cup with a stronger handle, because you never know, one day you could be holding a cup of hot tea on your hands and the handle just snaps off and hot tea flies everywhere on your skin.

Ninja Blender

If you simply want a blender that can blend things, that’s for you but if you’re after the perfect smoothies or unchunky sauces or soups, this is not for you. We bought this for about $100 and unfortunately, most of what we blend in this machine turns out chunky. The saying that we get what we pay for is very true because you can clearly tell the difference between this and the $400 Vitamix blender we just bought, which absolutely blends things perfectly.

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