6 Ways to Control a Food Addiction

It seems that sometimes, the most delicious foods turn out to be the unhealthiest, which happens to be sugar and fat. Let me tell you that sugar and fat itself isn’t all that bad, it’s how we eat it and the amount. Don’t forget that fruits are sweet but still healthy. Our mind is programmed to like these things because it sees it as food that will gain us energy, without realising that most of us eat too much of it.

How do we control a food addiction? Firstly,

1. Have it sweet, but not that sweet!

One of the major problems I see when I go on most website looking for recipes is, they have a pumpkin scroll, right? They add not only a WHOLE CUP OF SUGAR to the dough, but another cup in the layer, then one at the top. That is overdoing it way too much. I wouldn’t even think one cup is necessary. Plus, I think too much sugar doesn’t even taste that good! What we really need to do is learn to enjoy a bit of sweet without overdoing it. You may just realise that having a cup of sugar more doesn’t make all that much of a difference.

Believe me, if you were banned from sugar altogether, you wouldn’t be complaining about a little bit of sugar, you’d be thankful with even one bite!

2. Don’t make it easily available at Home

I used to be crazy about coke and softdrinks, because we had it at home and whenever I was thirsty, I just went to the fridge and got a cook. I was addicted, you could say! I’m sure many of you can’t resist the urge to get a coke from the fridge. If you didn’t have it in the fridge, you probably won’t walk all the way down the road or to a shop to buy it, unless you are seriously addicted and if that’s the case, you should seek help because that may be a more serious problem. My point is, if it’s not at home, you probably won’t go through extra trouble just to get it.

3. Fear can Drive away an Addiction

For some people, fear can make you gain control. For me and my mother, we both feared our heart palpitations, so we limited ourselves from eating meat. Before that, we both ate pretty bad, with her feeding on lard as oil and me chewing on a few steaks a day, it was pretty bad.

4. Go Cold Turkey

That is, just cut it completely out of your life. Make the decision and start together. Don’t put it off until next week, or think you’ll start after eating your last one this week. Just start now and kick it out!

You probably heard of this before and think: “NO WAY” but I’m serious, it works. I used to crave softdrinks. After giving them up for years, I can walk past a soft drink isle and not feel a thing, not even desiring it. Surprisingly, I actually don’t even really want to drink it because I just imagine the softdrinks as something that’s way too sweet for my liking. Although I would admit that some other things are harder, especially if you can smell it, so if you truly want success in beating a food addiction, break ties with it completely.

5. Replace it with something that tastes Just as Good

So you’re addicted to ice cream, why not make something that has somewhat of a similar taste, but healthier? There are so many natural fruits you can use to enhance sweetness, you literally don’t need sugar. You can try replacing fatty food like lard and butter with olive oil or avocados and sugar with whole food that’s naturally sweet, such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, dates and bananas. I honestly don’t even see the need for sweeteners!

6. Don’t walk down the Candy and Junk Food Isle

Stay away from those nasty isles in the shopping centre because being surrounded by these divine looking sugary and fatty treats is almost certainly going to make you drool in hunger. The good thing is, usually these foods are all stacked together in one place so you can easily just skip the isle and go down to the next one.

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