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5 Reasons Why Antidepressants Should Only Be A Last Resort

I’ve been to the psychiatrist and doctors multiple times for anxiety and depression related problems and all I’ve been asked to do is take antidepressants. However, I’m one of those people who don’t like taking medication unless it’s life or death, and I’ve got a few reasons why I recommend to avoid them as much as possible unless it was an ultimate, last resort.

They can become addictive

I admit, this is THE reason why I never took antidepressants. I fear things that may make me dependent. Sure, I”m dependent n a lot of things, like water and ginger tablets which I always have with me, but I know these are available anywhere and I just need to walk into a store to buy it, and it’s cheap too. But with antidepressants, I need a prescription, it costs more and I hate the thought of: What if I need them, but I don’t have them?

I’ve also heard my friend say if you stop taking them, you can get high levels anxiety, nausea and even vomiting because your body feel as if it needs this medicine. THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD would I ever give myself the chance to be sick like that, especially that I’m an emetophobic.

They can give you heartburn

Again, this is one of the side effects I know that can definitely happen.

Heartburn for some may just be an acid taste in the mouth, but for some people, it can also be a crush on the chest and make the person feel as if they’re having a heart attack. I doubt I’m ready to feel as if I’m having a heart attack, yet!

They can suck away your creative juices

I was talking to my friend the other day and he was coming up with all these creative blog titles for me and I asked: “How did you come up with all that?” and he replied with, you know what, it’s because I HAVEN’T taken my medication for a couple of days! As in, medication actually clogged up the creative juices.

I think anyone who is artistic in some ways (I’m not just talking about drawing, but any creative contents like websites) would want their juices sucked out.

They can make you lose your sexual drive

It can make you asexual, I mean why would anyone want to lose their sexual drive? Sexual drive makes life exciting, not that you’d want to go out having sex, but it’s one of those things you’d want to experience being alive, losing that is like losing

They can have crazy side effects

One of the craziest side effects I’ve read is they can actually make you suicidal. This is like reading the medicine label of a anti-nausea and vomiting pill and seeing that two of the side effects are nausea and vomiting. I’m just thinking: If you are depressed, why would you take medication that may potentially make it worse? Even though I understand this doesn’t happen to anyone, but what if you’re one of the people who does get it?

Other side effects I can’t stand to think about is nausea and vomiting. The mere concept of that just frightens the living daylights out of me, and I refuse to take anything that may give me those kind of side effects.

These are just some reasons why I don’t take antidepressants. I believe there are natural ways and herbs to take without making me addicted or give me side effects. I understand that these may have really helped you and I would never tell you to stop taking them, but I just want to help people think twice about it, perhaps see if there are alternatives. If there’s a better way to help the depression without taking these meds, then why not, right?

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