Susanna’s Weight Loss Regime: Introduction

So you wanna lose weight? I’m going to help you step by step in this process, to help you achieve your goal without making it too difficult for you! This will just be an introduction. I will be breaking this goal into many steps so you can do them in your own pace, whenever you want.

Losing Weight for Health

Firstly, I trust that you have your reasons for wanting to lose weight. I emphasise on health more than simply “to look good” because honestly, I think looks may stay around for 20 years but when we get older, we are going to be concerned about health. We may be young and radiant now, but imagine when we get so ill we’re going to be stuck in hospital. Not a good feeling, right? I had relatives who ate themselves into early heart attacks, many of them have dementia and simply don’t even know their families anymore, and some live on a machine in hospital waiting to die. It’s scary when you think about these things, and I want to help you live the best life you can without worrying about this like that.

Of course, everyone will get old one day, but if we can delay it, then why not? It gives us more chance to do things we want in life!

To Do List

1) Talk to your family and friends about it, let them know your plans and ask their support. The best way they can support you is by not taunting you with delicious, yet fatty foods like a large juicy steak every night.

2) Start printing out some healthy recipes you may be interested in. Remember, weight loss isn’t just about exercising, but changing your diet as well. When I say healthy, I mean recipes with little deep frying, less meat (particularly beef, pork and lamb) and desserts high in sugar.

3) Write out your goals – What you hope to achieve within a set amount of time.

4) Start looking into buying a treadmill or other type of exercise machines. You’ll likely to need to buy an ipad as well. All this should cost you no more than $800 altogether and believe me, it’s worth it.

5) Work out a schedule that you’re going to stick to. For example: Workout for an hour starting from 8pm every night.

What you need to Know about Losing Weight

Weight loss isn’t going to happen on its own. Like everything else, it takes time and effort. The first thing you need is to be prepared, determined and willing to work hard. I can write all the things I want to help you, but that won’t mean a thing unless you are willing to work towards your goal.

You don’t need to cut everything off your diet. If right now, you eat two meals with a lot of fatty food, try limiting yourself to one only. Have something to look forward to in the way. Also, discover ways you can make cooking fun by looking into how to make healthy, yet delicious foods. Examples: Baked sweet potato fries rather than McDonalds’ french fries. Drink 100% fruit juice rather than softdrinks. Find a way to gradually cut down the bad stuff without overwhelming your mind.

It gets a lot easier as you get used to it. But let me warn you that self control is harder than you think, so make sure things like soft drinks, candy and giant amount of steaks aren’t readily in the fridge for you to eat when you’re hungry. Even I couldn’t resist from that temptation!

Hope I haven’t scared you away yet. Part 1 of the Weight Loss Regime starts soon!

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