5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude

1. Stay away from Negative people

Negative people carrying their angry, bitter mood is probably the easiest way to bring you down and turn you into one of them.

A classic example is, let’s say if you’re happily sitting in your room and then your father comes home pissed off and angry because of problems at work, he yells at your mother over something small like she’s preparing dinner too slow. Then, your mother suddenly explodes at you for never helping around the house. Then you feel this bottled anger and lash out on your little sister who was innocently asking you to play. Did anyone here do anything wrong? No! Your father probably didn’t do anything wrong either. Someone else probably dumped their negative energy on him and he has nowhere to release it. Negative energy is like a contagious disease, so get away from it while you can!

It’s important to recognise these negative people or trends. Try to work around them. If you sense that your family is on edge, stay away if possible and do your best to help and avoid any potential arguments. If certain types of negativity annoys you on the internet, don’t even read the comments or or forum threads. Sometimes, it’s often better not to know than know and get hurt.

2. Be with Positive People and Self Cultivate

If you are with positive people, you may soon realise that you’re become more and more positive as well. Because just like negativity, positivity also spreads. If someone has the ability to brighten your day, spend more time with them. Don’t be afraid to ask them what makes them happy, because often these people don’t have everything in the world, but simply have a certain way of thinking.

You may not even realise but your attitude is also a great influence on others. When you’re thinking of complaining next time, ask yourself if that will contribute anything to anyone, or do you simply want a reaction? If you do, just think how you would feel if someone else said that.

4. Think of at least One thing you’re Grateful about every day

Often, being negative is complaining about how unlucky we are in life or that bad things keep happening to us. In reality, we’re probably in a much better position than many others, yet our mind has laid us a trap, and we fell into it.

When you think about things that you’re grateful about, you’re forcing negative energy to lose its powerful weapon. Instead of saying how unlucky you are, you’ll find yourself thinking how lucky you are to be in this situation. It can even be as simple as being psychically healthy or having a home to live in. It’s so important that we appreciate every little thing because when we form a habit of taking things for granted, we’ll forever let greed have its way of wanting more. That means, we’ll never satisfied with what we have.

5. Do Things that makes you happy

There are often triggers that make you happy. For me, it’s sunshine, walking, watching nostalgic shows, listening to music, thinking, reading nice comments, working on my websites and hearing the sound of rain and thunder. Whenever I’m doing these things, I naturally feel happy, and therefore positive. Find what makes you happy and spend some time each day doing these things.

I connect to positivity with how genuinely happy you are. If you’re living someone else’s life, then of course you won’t be happy. If you’re not happy, there’s no way you’d be positive. If you have dreams to fulfill but you’re being forced to do something else, you need to find a way to solve that. For example, are you studying something you’re truly interested in or is it what your parents want you to do?

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