Sus at the beach with a friend in her LA Trip

10 Life Lessons LA Taught Me

My trip to LA is one of the greatest adventures of my life, it has taught me so much, and I would like to share them.


Lesson 1

Going to LA wasn’t luck, it was something I made happen. Epic things do happen if you put your down and fears behind, and go for it!

Lesson 2

Trust your instincts, because they are there to keep you safe. If you feel unsure, uncertain, uncomfortable, GOOD! Follow them, get out of there! You are given those “hairy crawly” feelings for a reason, because you may be feeling unsafe. You are your own best survivor, so if you feel that, get away from whoever/whatever that’s making you feel it.

Lesson 3

You absolutely CAN come traveling all by yourself without anyone, and it’s probably the most fun thing ever, because surprises await for you every day, such as you may meet a new friend that has such a similar personality from you, or come across an unforgettable place.

Lesson 4

Sometimes, all you need is yourself and a map to explore a new place. That’s the fun of it!

Lesson 5

One of the most fun things you can do is run in the sand, down the beach and into the water (and get your feet and dress/pants wet).

Lesson 6

Nice people are everywhere, you don’t need to go looking far to find someone who is willing to really help you out if you are lost (literally), so don’t be afraid to ask.

Lesson 7

The one way you can make new friends is to go out on your own, explore, meet new people and talk to them.

Lesson 8

Sometimes, it’s absolutely worthwhile to take a vacation where you’re away from work, your computer and the internet, and just have FUN! You may not realise how little of that you usually have every day, and having a vacation like this may give you even more inspiration for when you get back.

Lesson 9

A place isn’t so scary once you get to know it. If you really want to know a place, you need to first go to it. You’ll never be familiar if you don’t even go there. Same with people, everyone may be a stranger, but if you don’t try and get to know them, they’ll never be more than a stranger. If we want something, we have to do it ourselves.

Lesson 10

It’s so easy to eat healthy in LA, because there are cafes and juice places all over. They’re literally a street away in the city. Plus, it’s more rewarding to eat healthy, and feel as if it’s a vacation, because the healthy food taste so good.

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