Daily Inspirations

I think one of the greatest ways to find inspiration is do something daily, because the motivation of getting one thing done keeps us going! Here are some fun suggestions to try:

Lesson of the Day

You can write a post titled: “Today, I learnt…” every day, it can be as simple as: Today, I learnt that if you don’t tell people how you feel, chances are they won’t know. You may admire the heck out of someone but if you’re too afraid to say it, they would never know. It’s just something that helps you realise the little things in life that we learn, and would be great to look back on.

365 Gratitude Project

This idea has me all excited whenever I think about it. You post one picture and paragraph (or just a paragraph) each day of something you are grateful for (be it a person, thing, experienced etc) and explain how it has impacted on you.

Picture of the Day

Post a picture that really captures you each day, try and take it yourself if you can!

Positive Affirmation of the Day

This is perhaps the most empowering thing ever. Sometimes, just thinking of positive affirmations will get you thinking well of yourself and you may realise that anything is possible. Come up with a positive affirmation every day, it can be as simple as: “I can do this, if I put my mind into it!”.

Today’s Goal

You can set yourself one goal for the day, try and make it simple and achievable, and work towards it for the day. Often, we make goals for the long term and we sometimes forget about them. Having one goal to achieve for the day, even if it’s to talk to one person, or come up with a recipe is

Healthy Recipe of the Day

Come up with a new healthy recipe each day, something that will inspire someone to eat healthy. You don’t have to perfect one each time, but even coming up with an idea is fun.

There are so many daily inspirations you can do. Do you have any?

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