6 Ways to Break through Fear and Achieve your Dreams

Fear is something that holds us back in a lot of things, and you know, fear has its great purpose – to protect us from getting hurt. However, I’m sure we all want to be able to achieve our dreams without fear being in the way. Here are five ways that may help you break through fear.

Focus on why you are doing what you are

Instead of focusing on possible failures and what embarrassment it may bring you, try and focus on why you’re doing this. Think about the whole reason you want to achieve those dreams, and envision them coming true right before your eyes.

Stop, and just do it!

Be spontaneous and DO IT! Sometimes, this works for me! I can be afraid of doing this for a long time, afraid of rejection, loss or what people may think, but once in a while, I will just DO IT without even considering what might happen, with the butterflies in my stomach and shaking stomach included! At this point, just remove any thoughts and focus only one doing this, and think that, “hey, if this results in what I fear, then so be it!”.

Sometimes, you don’t need to actually get over a fear, you just have to have that positive attitude and everything else will follow.

Accept that you aren’t perfect

One thing we need to know is that we NEVER start off being good at something and nor are we perfect. If you look at my first website, it looked like those typical starter sites that a 10 year old built, and around that time, I was probably in my early teens and thought it was great! And yes, you do get told by insensitive people that what you do sucks, but let that become a motivation, rather than something that defeats you!

You can do it better, and you may even find that a year from when you first start when you look back on what you did, you may even think it was bad, because you have improved so much.

Never stop learning and improving, and climbing the journey uphill. It is hard, and it will be challenging, but imagine that feeling when you reach the top!

Think about what’s Causing your Fear

Sometimes, we need to dig deeper and think about exactly why we’re afraid. Is it because we may get embarrassed about the outcome? Are we afraid of dealing with people? Is it because we think we’re not good enough? Think about if your fear came true, what will happen? Is it just what others think? Think about whether it really matters, letting other people’s thoughts and opinions stop you from doing something you love. Is it really worth it?

For example, I often fear telling people how I feel, if they’ve made an impact on my life. I love to tell them that they’ve changed my life, and that I will always appreciate and love them for that, but when it comes to sending a message, it is so hard and I often do it shaking in fear. Then I think about it, “am I just embarrassed because I’m revealing how I feel to someone?” You have to sometimes think in the other person’s point of view. If someone sent me a message to say how I changed their life, how would I feel? If you were asked something, how would you feel? Everyone is a human, and we’re all made out of flesh and blood. If we wouldn’t feel embarrassed if someone asked us something, then why should we feel it when we ask another?

Natural Herbs can Help

It all depends on what you fear, but sometimes, nerves can be calmed through nature! What I mean is, if you get so nervous and scared that it stops you from doing what you want, look into things that may calm your stomach. Ginger is my absolute favourite thing, and without it I would never have gotten as far as I did!

Remove those Fears with a Fresh Start

Sometimes, I feel that if I meet someone and I fear doing or saying things, I tend to be stuck that way. For example, I was always a shy kid at school and didn’t like talking, though I was loud and crazy with friends I knew, but because I had always been quiet, even when I wanted to be louder, I couldn’t do it – because I felt that I “had” to be shy for the sake of it. To change halfway is often harder than changing in the beginning.

If you truly put your mind into it, when you make a fresh start, such as go to a new place, or meet someone new, try and do things without your fear, because they won’t know about your past, and you won’t feel that they will judge you for who you were before!

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