Cup Green Tea

Acne Journal: The Clearest Month of All

Over the many years of my hormonal acne, this is THE BEST month I’ve ever had. Besides a few minor whiteheads, I’ve had nothing. Nothing! Am I even living in the same body? I have to now think about all the things I’ve been doing this month and how it’s different from other times, but if I can get rid of such dreadful acne that comes to haunt me every month, you can do.

Cup Green Tea

What I did this Month:

Decaf Green Tea

One thing I do every day is drink decaffeinated green tea. I find that whenever I’m not drinking a cup each day, my acne gets worse. I drink decaf because I have trouble sleeping, so if you don’t have that problem, you can simply drink the regular.

Two cups of Lemon Water

I have TWO cups of lemon water, that is a GIANT squeeze of lemon juice with purified water. I actually go through THREE little bottles of lemon juice a week. So, my lemon juice consumption has increased significantly as I used to just put a squirt. Now, I put a giant big squeeze until the water is practically all sour. One of the cups I drink as soon as I wake up in the morning.

Giant Green Smoothie

My green smoothie has gotten huge. A list of the veggies and fruits I put: Kale, spinach, watercress, purple lettuce, Swiss chard, bok choy (sometimes), red cabbage, endives, celery (sometimes), carrots, beets, cucumbers, lemon & orange (rind included), apples, red grapes, pears (sometimes), berries (sometimes),

Healthy Desserts

Instead of eating regular desserts with processed flour and sugar, I eat desserts made from dates, nuts, oats, fruits and other natural and whole foods.

What I don’t Eat/Drink

A list of things I don’t usually eat/drink: Processed or packaged foods, meat (only about once a month), deep fried foods, dairy, extra virgin olive oil that’s fried (I only use it after cooking), white flour, white sugar, fast food restaurant foods.

I have also tried to cut down salt and have Himalayan salt most of the time.

My Exercise Schedule

I have continued my one hour treadmill schedule and I’m sure that has been useful in some ways.

As you can see, I think a change of lifestyle more than anything. I don’t think it will just work if you try one of the things, it’s really about your entire life and how you live, because I believe your skin will show how your body is doing inside.

I hope you find great luck in clearing your skin like I did this month. YAY for once I don’t have to worry about getting rid of acne scars and I have not even been using ANY masks at all this month and my skin is better than all the other times.

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