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6 Ways to Healthify Foods

What are ways to make foods healthier? Here are five tips.


Bake instead of Deep Fry

Deep frying is always the worst option because you’re covering everything in oil, and that oil is usually hot, therefore would release quite a number of toxic chemicals if you aren’t using the correct oil. What you can do instead is try baking them. If you do it well, you might find that baking and frying really doesn’t make all that much of a difference in terms of taste. Try baking: French fries, chips, spring rolls, etc.

No Refined Flour or Sugar

Where there’s white flour or sugar, replace it with something that has more nutrition value, such as dates, molasses, fruits. As for flour, I would always choose spelt flour over anything else, as it tastes very soft, and it’s whole!

Substitute with Healthier Alternatives

If a recipe calls for butter or eggs, you can try using a little of everything to replace it, such as applesauce, oil, flaxseed. They all make great replacements and I have baked with them, and not being able to tell the difference.

Don’t load it up with Sugar

So many store bought ingredients or fast-food places seem to have foods covered in sugar even when it’s unnecessary. If you look at sauces like ketchup, there are SO MUCH sugar it’s not even funny, whereas you may find that blending some cooked onions, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes will give the same amount of sweetness.

Cook your Own Foods

The biggest advice yet I’m going to give you is cook your own version. That way, you have total control over what goes in it. Even things like pasta sauces or breads aren’t that hard to make if you learn how to do it, and get a good recipe. It won’t take that much time, and you’ll at least know what goes in your stomach.

Cook in Lower Temperatures

I always think that cooking things in too high of a temperature will cause problems, such as making the food go black wouldn’t be healthy. For oven baking, I try and not bake above 350F now, unless I’m in a big rush. I also try not to eat anything burnt or turn the heat on high on the stove unless I’m boiling water.

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