Acne Reducing Matcha and Lemon Face Mask

I can’t believe I took a picture of myself with that green muck on! If it was black, I could totally get away with wearing a balaclava, mwahhaha!

I can’t begin to say how good matcha and lemon juice are with fighting acne. I had a few starting a life of their own yesterday and after I applied it for 30 minutes, they were almost completely gone in the morning!


What you will need:

1 teaspoon high quality matcha (you can buy this in Asian grocery stores, health stores or online)
1 tablespoon lemon juice






(The amount can vary depending on how much you’re using!)

Put the matcha powder in a small bowl.





Add the lemon juice.





Mix and stir until it’s nice and thick, like a paste.





I really love the consistency, it feels like a cream you’d apply on your face!





Firstly, wash your face with your facial wash or soap. Then, apply the paste on all parts of your face. I left my eyes alone because I didn’t want it dirtying my glasses.

Let it sit for about an hour while you do something else. During this time, the mask will harden. I like to do an hour of treadmill while the mask is on!

Then, wash it off and feel the difference!

It was kind of hilarious when I applied this mask and walked downstairs, my husband stares at my face and goes: ARGHGHGHGHLKJDFHHGHGHG@@@@!!! I reply with: You’re just a green hater, aren’t you? What did green people ever do to deserve this!!! (Then realises that green people don’t exist!)

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