3 Brilliant Vegetable Replacements

If you feel like having a light day or simply want to eat more veggies and cut down on others, here are some suggestions for replacing common foods with veggies.

Portabella Mushrooms for Steak

(Portabella Mushroom Steak with Rosemary Recipe)

The first time I ever tried a portabella mushroom was on vacation about two years ago and I couldn’t believe how nice and chewy they were. It was on a burger and I thought: Yes, that is a brilliant replacer for meat, particularly a steak! I know it doesn’t give the same taste as steak but it can be a really great replacer once in a while.

Zucchini for Pasta

(Tomato Cashew Pesto with Zucchini Pasta Recipe)

Using zucchini as pasta was such a brilliant, unique idea that I literally was blown away by the thought of it, and it works out so well because zucchini tastes great when it’s sliced, soaked in salt for a while and drained of its water, even raw!

Cauliflower for Rice

(Spicy Curry Cauliflower Rice with Kale Recipe)

This was a totally mind blowing idea that never even crossed my mind until I saw a picture of this bowl of white thing that looked a lot like rice, only to my shock that it was actually ground up cauliflowers. How amazing was that!

Please know that I’m not saying not to eat grains, these are just fun ideas for when you feel like eating more vegetables!

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