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How to Live like you’ve only got 100 Days

I’ve been watching a show lately about a girl who has an illness and only has 100 days to live. It has been such an inspiration to me, because it make sme think about the truly important things in life. I want to write a few ideas on how to live as if you only have 100 days left.

Do 5 random, crazy things

Screw what people think, be random! Go ask a bald man to take off his shoes (you’d have to be creative on this one, haha), have a random staring contest or point towards the sky in a bustling, busy street where everyone’s watching. Forget about embarrassment and simply be wild and crazy, because that’s what life is!

Sign a Promise with Someone

Did you make a promise with someone? Paint your hands and make a signature on a glass window!

Throw away a Pearl

Let the pearl represent your dreams, throw one away each time a dream is accomplished!

Give all you’ve got and Expect Nothing in Return

Love someone with all your heart by bringing them happiness. Let their happiness be your happiness. Selfless love is one of the greatest miracles of life, and even though it seems impossible, but it’s something you will be proud of.

Smile, Smile, and Smile More

What’s better than starting the day with a big smile, going through the day with a big smile and ending the day with a big smile?

Smile at strangers, at friends, at anyone you come across. You never know, your smile could be the one thing that brighten someone else’s day.

Face the Day with Positive Energy

Instead of complaining about all the problems, start the day feeling empowered. All you want to do is one fun thing, help one person, do one thing you’re going to be proud of!

Stick Up for Someone

If you see an injustice done, you can do something about it! Sometimes, sticking up for someone is the greatest thing you can do. You may think it’s a small deal, but the person you’re sticking up for may remember it their entire life.

Write a Thank You Letter

This is one of the most meaningful things you can do and will make you and the person you’re writing to feel good. Choose one person or many that has changed your life in some ways, inspired you or done something you are grateful to, and write them a letter explaining it. Chances are, the person you’re writing to will be really surprised and moved.

Go on that trip you’re putting Off

Let money, fear and all of that go to hell! We don’t need any of that. If you are desperate to go somewhere, see something or someone, go for it. Don’t put it off! If you truly want to bungee jump or sky dive, then go ahead and face your fears and do it!

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