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How the Vitamix Blender Changed my Life

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I absolutely CANNOT stress the need of a good blender. Unfortunately, the good ones come in high prices, but I am going to tell you that it’s worth every freaking cent, because what you will get out of it is more than you could ever desire!

After owning the $100 Ninja blender for a year which created chunky smoothies, I was out to find one that made it smoother. I read up a few reviews and heard that Vitamix and Blendtec are the best, but it seemed like more people leaned towards Vitamix (it actually sounds more like it’s for food… Vitamix, Vitamin, anyone?) So, my husband and I got it for about $380 (this was the cheapest version!)

I have to say, this blender has changed my entire view about healthy eating in the most positive way!

All my dreams about eating came true

Did I ever thought that healthy desserts could exist in the past? No!

Did I ever thought I could enjoy chocolate, ice cream, nutella and all those yummy things but not worry that it was going to harm my health? No!

Did I ever thought that I could easily whip up a delicious smoothie that tasted as good as any soda drink, but have all my fruit and vegetable servings? No!

Now, all of these things can come true! Or I should say, all of these things have come true because of this new blender that actually works! (Other blenders, I was afraid if they’d snap after putting a carrot in!)

All the creative things you can make with a good quality blender:

Your own sauces, your own spreads like nutella, your own ice cream and your own smoothies (great for anyone who hates the taste of vegetables, especially anything green, because I assure you when it’s blended with the fruits, it totally overpowers it and you can no longer taste it!.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many more things you need.

Let me just say that even a month or two ago, I hadn’t thought of this. I’d get on the treadmill and dread every minute because I was constantly tired. Now, I actually even look forward to it. I walk on incline 10 and usually I feel as if my whole body is about to collapse with exhaustion. Now, I am as energetic as ever. Yesterday, I even felt as if my treadmill was playing tricks on me and accidentally bringing the incline down without me knowing because the walk felt TOO EASY after so little time. (It usually takes me at least 15 minutes to feel less tired.)

How well does the Vitamix Blender Work?

What I love most about it is is it really cuts down the stuff without leaving big chunks. It’s perfect for smoothies because in the past, I always tasted a big vegetable piece. However, the important thing is this blender is no different from others that you really have to blend more than a tiny bit to work properly. If you were trying to blend half an avocado with half a banana, chances are it won’t really work properly. To blend food well, you’ll need to have more than that.

Another thing to note is if you’re blending a big chunk of icy things, or a lot of big things, you need to push it down with the food tamper, otherwise it will appear as if it won’t work. I know when I first used it, I thought it wasn’t working at first.

Something else to note is sometimes it may stop on its own randomly, but don’t fear. it’s probably because the blender is overheating, and will work again if you give it 10-15 minutes.

So if you want to get healthy and eat delicious, nutritious food but have it still taste as delicious as what you may call junk food, you need a good quality blender. It will seriously change your entire view on healthy eating!

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