Dr.J’s Vibrant Cafe is one of the Best Cafes Ever

This is one of the best cafes I have ever been to. The food – absolutely gorgeous. The staff, some of the nicest people I’ve met, and the entire place – somewhere I’d want to go every day!

If you’re stopping by LA, especially if you’re in Downtown, you MUST GO THERE! This place is simply amazing.

Address: 334 S Main St, Ste 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90013, Neighborhood: Downtown

“Health is happiness.”

OMG! Everyone at Dr.J’s were just SO FRIENDLY AND SWEET! I’ve never seen people who looked just so vibrant (that name fits so perfectly). The entire place is just so full of life and whenever I went, I beamed with life because of the atmosphere too! It was hell of an awesome experience!

Website: http://drjsvibrantcafe.com/














(Photos with everyone at Dr.J’s)

I love that they focus on health.

Their philosophy is: No sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no yeast, no alcohol, no caffeine, no chemicals, no nicotine.

“Health is happiness. With health, anything is possible. Without health, nothing else matters”

I want to freaking frame that quote on a wall and present it to EVERYONE because this is 250% what I believe in. Our health is so absolutely linked to our happiness and without it, nothing else would be important. I believe people truly need to lose their health to really appreciate it.

You know, the greatest thing ever about eating at a cafe focused on health is I don’t have to go through the menu taking hours to think about what’s healthy and what’s not. I simply choose from the list. GREATEST FEELING EVER! I lost count how many times I had to look over the menu 200 times to make sure I’m getting something “healthy”.

The Food

Green Energizer

Avocado, banana, baby bok choy and baby spinach juice.

Minced Chunks Spring Wrap

House-marinated tofu chunks with thin sliced vegetables in a pure fresh wrap.

Curried Potatoes Bowl

Hearty, specially seasoned curried potatoes with carrots, onions and peas.

Dr.J’s cleansing Balance Tea

The original tea formulated by Dr J over 20 years ago with over 11 different herbs that work to support and cleanse your liver and kidneys, as well as balancing the body.

Rice Noodle Delight Bowl

Pure rice noodles wok-fried with tofu and mixed vegetables.

Carob Brownies

Roasted carob powder and chopped walnuts go into an irresistible soft brownie.

Spicy Green Beans Bowl

Seasoned green beans, tofu and onions in flavorful spices.

Apple/Almond Butter Sandwich

House made apple and almond butter spread over DrJ’s famous pure bread (made from pulp from juices).

Dr J’s supersnack

Dr.J’s famous signature snack-on-the-go made with rolled oats, sunflower seeds and dates.

Minced Chunky Bowl

House-seasoned tofu chunks on a bed of organic veggies.

Edamame Mountain Bowl

A mound of fresh edamame with baked tofu/carrot mix and kale.

Spring Sea Vegetable Soup

Tofu, flaked seaweed, carrot coins and ginger in a light refreshing broth.

Dr.J’s Power Muffins

Great way to start your day! A hearty, nutrient packed muffin.

Brown Rice Pudding

Specially sweetened organic brown rice, chilled and topped with carob chips and almond slivers.

Skin Beautifier

Apple, carrot, celery and cucumber juice.

It was some of the best tasting foods I’ve ever had, and it was satisfying, filling and DELICIOUS with a capital D!!! I LOVE it so much I had almost EVERY single bowl there is. If I had more time in LA, I was certainly going to buy everything on that menu.

Favourites: Carob brownies (without a doubt, this was the best thing ever), Minced Chunks Spring Wrap (OMG, DIVINE), Curried Potato bowl (Mmmmmmm) and Green Energizer (OMG, NNEEEED MOOORE!)

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