Fear is your Mind’s Antibody

Have you noticed that after you get a certain diseases like chicken pox, you usually don’t get it again? There are some illnesses that you only get once (or twice if you are really unlucky), but afterwards – your body knows how to fight it off. That’s when it develops antibodies to fight it.

I think that really reminds me of how “fear” works. Fear is our mind’s antibody, that works almost the same way.

Diseases can put fear in people’s minds, which often motivates them to be Healthy

I’ve been looking up a lot of healthy food websites and the amazing thing is, almost all of them had a story about how they started, and that was after getting a frightening disease or several that gave them a scare.

I think it’s in our nature to want to survive, but it’s not really in our nature to know exactly what is harmful or not. That’s probably why so many people will do things like eat junk food, smoke, drink a lot of alcohol. Not because they don’t “KNOW” it’s unhealthy, but their bodies can’t stop. Let’s just talk about eating junk food today! Many of my friends are the same, that they absolutely cannot stand the thought of not eating meat twice a day, or drinking two cans of soda. We like it, so we go ahead and eat/drink without being able to stop.

How does fear come into all this?

I believe that once you get a disease, especially a life threatening, serious disease, and that you understand food is a big cause of it, you will feel this massive fear. Perhaps you fear eating the foods that you believe will bring you harm, no matter how delicious it once was. This is your mind’s antibody, it knows that these foods are doing you harm, and is stopping you from eating more of it, to protect yourself.

But did you get the same fears before the disease/s? No. That’s because your mind doesn’t know it was a threat.

Diseases and Fear work together to Protect You

That’s if, you survive the disease. Unfortunately, some diseases may be too severe that your body is literally too damaged to heal, that happens to many older people, like my grandfather. He got a flu one year, and suddenly – all the illnesses that he ever had just showed up, and he never made it.

I think we need a “mind vaccine” to help us feel that fear (of eating unhealthy) without actually getting the disease.

I believe if that could ever exist, so many more of us would be motivated to eat healthy, or live a healthy lifestyle, because we have one of the greatest motivators: Fear, and the desire to survive.

Is there anything we can do right now?

I believe in some ways, we can still get a little bit of fear, probably by reading other people’s stories or seeing examples of the results from eating unhealthy. You just need a little imagination or visualization to spark some fear.

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