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Getting Braces as an Adult: Part 3 – The Consultation

Getting braces as an adult

So I am continuing my journey of getting adult braces.

After they take a bunch of pictures and X-rays, you go for a consultation. That’s when the orthodontist basically explains everything to you. This is also the time to ask questions.

Basic info I got:

The braces last for about 24 months, give or take.

You will need to go in every month or so, to have them check up on it, to tighten the braces or change wires.

They may start with a loser wire and use strong ones as time go, so you’re not trying to put all the strain on your teeth at once.

The braces itself will cost me about $4800, however, there’s fees at the end for the retainer, as well as the X-rays. You can choose to pay it at once or a monthly fee of $150 or something like that.

They glue the braces on, and the entire process takes only 30 minutes.

Your teeth may be a little sore for the first week, so perhaps that’s the best time to eat some softer rice or something that is easy to chew.

What to Eat and Not to Eat:

Nothing extremely sticky, so Taffy/Toffee is probably not a good idea.

Be aware of hard stuff like pizza crust, though you can eat the regular pizza, but only eat the crust if it’s in very small pieces.

Most foods should be eaten in small pieces.

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