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How to Stay Healthy while Travelling

I’m going away on a trip today so I thought I’d share with you what I packed. My worst fear when it comes to going on holidays is always that I’m away from the tools that usually help me stay healthy. But, there are ways to get around that. Let me give you a few tips!

Pack Food for the Plane Trip

What I packed:

Curried quinoa salad with chickpeas, cucumber and baby spinach
Truffles and brownies made from oats, cocoa powder, raisins, chia seeds, nuts (almonds, pecans, etc), olive/coconut oil, almond milk etc.
Green tea
Green apple
Ginger root capsules (calms my stomach if I get nervous/anxious)
Nuts and seeds
Spinach and herb crackers

In my experience, plane food isn’t exactly very healthy. However, you do get two choices and one is usually a little better. But still, there’s always room for you to pack your own snacks, fruits, desserts and salads. Try making a filling dish with fresh vegetables, brown rice or quinoa. You can also make some crackers and raw desserts like brownies to take on the trip.

Stay in a Hotel with Exercise Facilities

If you check the hotels you’re going to, make sure they have fitness/exercise facilities. Usually, they should have a room with treadmills and other machines for you to work out. It will definitely help keeping up with a fitness routine if there are machines to work with!

Search your Local Area for Healthy Restaurants

A really good website to search is Yelp. I just discovered them, and you can search for key words like “Green smoothie” and the location. It will give you a list of nearby stores, with a website link if they have one. This is a brilliant way to see if there are healthy places to eat near where you are going.

Of course, you can also check google.

If you are heading to the United States, particularly in LA, I must recommend you to check out Cafe Gratitude.

Bring a Blender

That’s if you are going on a longer trip, and that you can fit it all in. I know that the last thing you want to do is pack this giant blender that weighs 50 tonnes and drag it through the airport, but think about whether it will be worth it?

Book Accommodation with a Kitchen

If you’re going away for longer than a week, I recommend that you find an accomodation with a kitchen so you can make your own food. Otherwise, it may be very costly and troublesome to go out and eat for every single meal.

Bring your Favourite Tea

(Get it here)

I remember reading on another site and the idea of this tea seemed so divine that I just had to put it here. I totally recommend even if you don’t bring this tea, bring one that you normally drink. Tea don’t even weigh a lot, and are very easy to carry.

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