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Getting Braces as an Adult: Part 2 – X-Rays

X-ray Machine at BracesAs I wrote in the first part, I am getting adult braces! That’s making me both excited for the result, and nervous about the process. I am going to write about my experiences so others know what they may be experiencing if they want braces as well!

So, the next session was just getting photographs and X-Ray done. I did tell the doctors that I didn’t like people sticking things too far down my throat, and he was a very understanding person to not force it.

So firstly, they took a couple of photos with me just closing my mouth, both forward and sideways. Then, they got me to smile and bite down, and took a couple of photos there as well. Next, they got me to sit on that chair and they inserted some plastic things that made your mouth open a little, so they could see inside. They took a couple of photos from each side, and that was the easiest part. The hard part was when they wanted to take photos from the back of the teeth, which required to stick this large mirror down your throat. It got too far and I really couldn’t do it, so they said they would work with what they have.

(It was kind of like those wooden things they put down your throat at the doctor’s trip when they want to see your flu/cold status)

The X-rays done for me were actually really easy. I just had to wear this giant thing, and then sit in front of the machine and bite down on this little metal thing. The machine held my head still and went around, and then another X-ray just took overall shot of my head, which had them put two things in the middle of my ears to keep my head still. I have to admit, I was a little scared about that because I’m always afraid of machines breaking and squashing my ear. Luckily, that was over pretty fast.

The doctor was really funny too, joking about how he’ll bang the braces in me with a hammer, HAHA! He’s just awesome.

I also really enjoyed talking to the nurses (is this what you call them?) there, they were so nice and friendly! If only my throat cooperated a bit more.

The overall X-ray and photo taking took only about 30 minutes, and after that was going to be a consultation which you actually have to make an appointment separately for. I thought it was going to be the same day, but I must have make a mistake.

The X-ray and photo taking costs about $390, but without insurance, you get a discount of $290.

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