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5 Morning Secrets to Keep You Glowing and Healthy

There’s a number of things we can do to keep us in glowing, healthy conditions in the morning! Let me share a few of my secrets.

1. Drink a Cup of Warm Water

(Feel free to add some lemon juice.)

Warm water in the morning is beneficial in many ways. It flushes out your kidneys, prepares your digestive system and stomach for food, flushes out all the accumulated toxins and bacteria in your body and help the bowls move so that constipation goes flying out the door. Warm water about our body temperature is much easier on our stomach than cold water, as our body wouldn’t need to waste extra time warming it up. Also, cold water often solidify the fats in your stomach which doesn’t really help digestion, whereas warm water does the opposite.

After you drink a cup of warm water, you should immediately feel hydrated and there should even be a nice, warm and comfortable feeling in your stomach.

2. Eat a Bowl of Fruits

Fruits are great for health, but did you know having fruits in the morning is the best time of them all? That’s because fruits should always be eaten alone on an empty stomach. Why must that be, you may ask? Fruits are digested very quickly by your body, working furiously away by throwing enzymes all over the place to digest those fruits. Simple sugars inside your body needs tie to be absorbed completely. Fruits eaten without anything else gives the stomach a much better chance to process all the nutrients and fibre. Otherwise, fruits with other foods would just stay in the stomach for a long time and will rot and ferment. This is why many people feel bloated or experience indigestion, heartburn and burping after combining fruits with other food. So, before you pop that toast in your mouth, eat a bowl of fruits!

The easiest way to have fruits without rushing in the morning is to spend half an hour to an hour cutting up fruits for the week, or even four days. Cut up about 5-6 different fruits you like such as berries, grapes, apples, oranges, pears, papaya and melons and store them in containers inside fridge, so all you need to do is take one out in the morning.

3. Drink a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is super beneficial to health with its insane amount of antioxidants and its anti-aging affects and abilities to control weight and prevent many illnesses, such as heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s.

Drinking green tea in the morning is a great way to kick start your day as the caffeine can boost stamina. Some people may experience sleeping troubles if having caffeine in the afternoon or night, so I don’t really recommend drinking it then. Drinking it in the morning is also a great way to help you remember to actually drink it, since our day can get busy and we will probably forget later.

4. Get some morning Sunshine and Exercises

If you have 15 minutes to spare after having your lovely water, fruits and tea, now it’s time to get at least 15 minutes of sunshine. Morning sunshine is usually the weakest and best time to bask in it, particularly in summer, because you don’t want to risk getting skin cancer from getting sunburnt. I would suggest around 7am is the best time.

Did you know that sunshine helps your body make Vitamin D, which is very important for good health? Vitamin D can do a number of wonders to your body such as reducing Type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer risks, as well as helping your body maintain strong bones, immunity, metabolism and also keep your eyes healthy. Not only that, with sunlight regulating your body clock (or circadian rhythm), you may have a much better sleep at night.

Since you’re out basking the sun, why not take this opportunity to do some exercises? Try and stretch your legs, move your upper body, twist and turn, go for a short run down the street or even massage your body.

5. Massage Yourself for Longevity

Alternate between massaging and exercises while you’re under the sun. Massages benefit your health greatly by increasing blood flow and detoxifying your body and has been used as a traditional healing method in many countries. Massaging has proven our family with a huge amount of benefits ranging from memory loss, anxiety, insomnia, digestion, heart palpitations to constipation. It helps get rid of stagnated blood, and improve circulation. There are many places you can massage, such as your scalp, face, neck, stomach, chest, breast, back, legs and feet.

The areas I recommend on starting is the head. Work your way down from the scalp to the face, then ears, nose and neck. Then, move onto the arms, chest, back and stomach. If a place on your body hurts especially bad when you massage on it, then focus on that area. You can easily massage your hand by doing 100 claps.

At first, you may find this to be particularly difficult if you don’t have hand muscles, but the more you do it, the stronger your hand becomes.

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