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6 Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Does your body need a detox because there’s too much junk in it? If you’re feeling constantly sluggish and tired, getting a number of different illnesses or generally not feeling well, perhaps you will need to detox. Here are five easy and natural ways to clean your body up from the inside.


There are some food that we simply need to eliminate and find healthier versions, such as deep fried foods, white processed sugar, sodas, candy and such.

Decrease the Amount

While we may not need to completely eliminate these, I believe we do need to cut these foods down, because most of these make your body acidic and what we truly want for your body is for it to be alkaline, as diseases like cancer will find it particularly hard to survive in an alkaline body. Foods to cut down: Meat, diary, alcohol, bad fat, salt.

I recommend having meat only once a week, and replacing dairy with anything nutty, such as nut milk or cheese.

Get rid of Processed Foods

Processed foods contain so much junk our bodies don’t need, that we’re honestly better without it. I would recommend skipping the three isles in the supermarket with the chips, candy, packaged foods and bottles. Spend most of your time where the fresh food is at, and where the unprocessed and unrefined stuff are. That’s what your body craves!

Do Eat and Drink

Warm lemon water, cold pressed juice you can make yourself with lots of fresh green vegetables, green tea, vinegar, other detox foods and supplements such as parsley, cayenne, lemon, seaweed, spirulina and wheatgrass.

Exercise and sweat it out

Did you know that through sweating, we can release a lot of toxins from our bodies? Time to do some walking, jogging, running, jumping or other crazy exercises that will make you sweat!


One of the really good was of detoxing is through massage. There are even special types of massage called Guasha or Baguan that are designed to draw out toxins and stagnant blood. They are usually done by vacuums/suction cups on your body, or rubbing a non-sharp, round object on your skin. If you see little dotted blood-like spots on your skin, that’s when all the toxins are pushed out.

You can also use a giant brush on your skin. That will work too!

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